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Bringing live, straight -talking conversations online

Sonder: the realisation that each passer-by has a life as vivid and complex as your own. Beam: a ray or shaft of light, or to transmit a message in a specified direction

We are a global community of sex-positive women and female-centric brands, working together to change the narrative around female sexuality and sexual experience and build a better world for women everywhere.

We use the power of straight-talking conversation to replace judgement, stigma and abuse with support, trust and friendship. 

Introducing our Free Global membership

Feel connected. With this sex-positive network, our online community is driven to empower women, everywhere, so you will find connection that extends globally.

Get support. Looking for advice, friendships or professional connections? Expand your horizons and enjoy a network that truly cares.

Africa Brook campaign

Online Community

Make friends. Follow, share, build groups and stay up to date with your fellow members' latest stories on our members blog.  

Be transformed. Whatever your mission you are on, find comfort and support from like-minded and incredible women who will support you on your transformation.


Digital Events

Be empowered and connect with like-minded women as our events go digital. 

Our events provide a safe and confidential space where women can speak authentically, share experiences and inspiration. From  self-love to personal experiences, networking to interviews with women leading the way in female sexuality, we’ve got it covered.



Growing Perks

Safe, ethical and fun: our members community offers the very best of female-owned, sex-positive brands.

Feel good in your mind, body and soul with our community of trusted products and services for you and your partner – all offering exclusive perks and discounts for members.

Why Us

Find the courage to invest in yourself, and you will help other women to do the same.

Our global community gives every woman, everywhere, a safe and supportive space to make connections, build friendships, grow in confidence and benefit from a unique personal and professional support network.

Join us to become part of something bigger: become the woman you were born to be.

Sonder & Beam makes a difference for women. £10 from every membership, every month, goes directly to charities and FREE community memberships to female key workers and those who have been made redundant due to Covid-19.

Join Us

Sonder & Beam is a unique community of sex-positive women and trusted female-centric brands. We host frank and honest conversations to better understand and embrace our bodies and our sexuality.

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