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We are women & non-binary folks so we understand that first times are always daunting. If you want to know what you’re letting yourself in for, join our next Story Time or a book a 1:1.  Story times are special events where our members and team share their journey to empowerment, 1st hand experience at Sonder & Beam & what it meant for them.  No strings attached, just honest and frank conversation.

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Rudo 5

Rudo, Social Architect

Our species is beautifully varied and nuanced, yet the messaging of what is ‘accepted’ is rigid and conformist, which is incredibly harmful. My identity like so many others is not deemed worthy by the mainstream, so a space to be seen, to speak and to be listened to is invaluable.

Jannette 4

Jannette, Chief Pleasure Seeker

My mission in life is to create a space where women & non-binary folks can speak freely, learn to understand themselves and others, and make their own free choices when it comes to how they live, how they identify, and what they choose to do with their bodies: without fear of violence, stigma or shame.

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ Sonder & Beam member! We asked some of the wonderful members in our community to introduce themselves, tell us what makes them tick – and explain what being a Sonder & Beam member means for them.

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