Making an impact for women

£10 from every membership payment, every month, goes directly to charities and organisations working to empower vulnerable women and girls around the world.

Support during Covid-19

Supporting Key Workerks & those made redundant

During this challenging time we believe that everyone deserves great self care. We are offering 3 month Free Complimentary membership to all Key Workers and females made redundant due to Covid-19. Enjoy a safe space to connect and get personal and sexual empowerment. Your Self Care is important!


Sonder and Beam aims to provide support to Key Workers and females made redundant by giving £10 from each member payment, every month to a key worker or someone made redundant. This will continue for the foreseeable future. 

3 Month Membership

 Enjoy access to Online community, Share Your Self and Off The Record events.

Self Care

Work on your own personal and sexual development at this time. 

Global Reach

 Our application is open to women and non-binary people world-wide who are affected by Covid-19

Raise awareness of the gynaecological anatomy and health

Vagina Museum

There is a penis museum in Iceland. Which is pretty cool. But there is no vagina equivalent anywhere in the world.

​We were pretty miffed (muffed?) when we learnt this but we thought, there's only one way to rectify this.  Make one.

The project was launched in 2017 and started with pop ups around the country including exhibitions and events.


Sonder and Beam aims to support the museum to educate All about gynaecological anatomy and health, overcome stigma and shame so females can grow in confidence. 

Our New Home

We have committed to hosting at least 2 events per month to encourage the growth. 

Monthly Membership Fees

£5 of each membership fee will be donated to the Museum to sustain and help it grow. 

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