Intimacy & Relationship Coach and Tantra Educator

I love running workshops , it humbles me the level of vulnerability that everyone gets in and it shows you what intimacy really looks like. You allow yourself to be seen for where you are at.

I think it is everyone birthright to feel comfortable in their body, enjoy pleasure and even if I love teaching men and women new techniques I think it’s very important to remember that everything starts from yourself.

Tristana in Three Words

Explorative, Playful, Receptive

Surprise Us

I love the sea, the sun on my skin and anything that is erotic

Tristana on Scarlet Ladies Mission:

I Love being with women. It’s so powerful feeling the community of sisterhood

I grew up in a very conservative country and i find it ridiculous that we still have stigma around sexuality, so if I can do anything to support women and men to have a healthier and happier relationship to their sexuality and to their masculine and feminine qualities then I can sleep better at night 🙂


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