“I talk sex because I’ve learned to love and value myself”

“I talk sex because women across every generation have become disconnected from their sexuality and bodies. We have all experienced sexual shame and trauma in different degrees and forms.

“There is significant power in our female sexuality, for healing, and for connection with ourselves and others. We all have potential for ecstasy and fulfillment, and that stems from self-love and acceptance of our sexuality – but who knew? 🙂

“I believe that we can productively support one another as a womanhood and a sisterhood, by opening conversations around sexuality without judgment. As we continue to normalise the conversation around sexuality and to position it as something that is healthy and pleasurable, more women will be encouraged to explore and discover their sexual and sensual needs and wants.

“I hope these conversations help us move away from the fear of being judged by others, and also our own judgements of ourselves. We put a lot of pressure on our relationships and our partners for validation and self-worth, when the most important relationship of all is with our unique, beautiful and sexual selves!

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