Rudo Mashongamhende

Social Architect

Rudo Mashongamhende has been a Scarlet Ladies member for nearly 2 years and also a Scarlet Ladies #ITalkSex ambassador. Being a Scarlet Ladies member Rudo has experienced first hand the benefits of being a Scarlet Ladies member and is excited to give back to other women looking to own their FIERCE.

When I grow up, I want to be an octopus.

You in three words: Loyal. Empathetic. Silly.

Surprise us: 

I want the conversation about mental health to be frequent and normalised. I live with depression, and want to tell others who are struggling each day that they are not alone.

Scarlet Ladies’ mission to destigmatise the conversation around female sexuality, empowering and connecting women around the world, is important to me personally because:

As women we endure monthly pain for most of our lives, but that gives us strength. When we work together our strength is towering and intimidating. I want every woman on the planet to feel that she is far, far mightier than she gives herself credit for.

Where can our members find out more about you? 

Instagram and Twitter: @stylist_face

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