Rudo Mashongamhende

Social Architect

I’m a queer human female who has major aspirations of becoming an octopus because I find this body and brain too limiting; 4 limbs, really? When I’m not dreaming about a Disney-themed life under the sea, I am attempting my closest impression of a human. I do that through my role as the protector of the S&B community, (they are all just as cute as a button!) I am also the  Fashion Editor for The KOL Social Magazine, a quarterly publication aimed at all diverse groups because representation matters. 



When I grow up, I want to be an octopus.

You in three words: Cartoonish, empathetic, meticulous

Surprise us: 

I believe the Fast & The Furious main characters have a modern-day resemblance to Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. There is one clear leader, a group of people who fully trust in his stewardship, and most importantly, form a family who’s ‘ride or die’ bond no man may put asunder.

Sonder & Beams’ mission to destigmatise the conversation around female sexuality, empowering and connecting women around the world, is important to me personally because:

Our species is beautifully varied and nuanced, yet the messaging of what is ‘accepted’ is rigid and conformist, which is incredibly harmful. My identity like so many others is not deemed worthy by the mainstream, so a space to be seen, to speak and to be listened to is invaluable.

Where can our members find out more about you? 

Instagram and Twitter: @stylist_face

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