Oli Lipski

Community Witch

Oli Lipski is a true champion for the sisterhood. Having worked for Sex Tech companies she has joined Scarlet Ladies to build an inclusive space for Womxn around the world. When she is not rallying women from around the world to embrace their sexuality she can be found at events across London doing just that. Yep. She is dedicated.

Masters Graduate of Sexual Dissidence, a freelance Sex Tech Researcher for multiple sex tech companies

You in three words: Cheeky. Warm. Sensual.

Surprise us: 

My favourite self-pleasure moment was when I used four sex toys at once! A butt plug, nipple clamps, vibrating dildo and a bullet vibrator.

Scarlet Ladies’ mission to destigmatise the conversation around female sexuality, empowering and connecting women around the world, is important to me personally because:

I’m rooting for a global sisterhood that is gender inclusive, sex-positive and queerly disruptive! With sexual liberation comes more coming, more openness, more creativity, and sexiness – resulting in a much happier society.

Where can our members find out more about you? 

Twitter @LipskiOli; Instagram @olivlips; Bio https://www.womenofsextech.com/oli-lipski

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