“I talk sex because if everyone spoke openly, no one would need to feel ashamed”

“When I was younger, I struggled with both desires and shame around sex. I didn’t masturbate and therefore never had an orgasm until I was 23. Since then, it’s been a real journey exploring my sexuality.

“In the past, I opened myself to kink, non-monogamous relationships and sexual exploration in general. I’ve constantly struggled with my own fantasies, and inner contradictions: my enjoyment of watching porn conflicted with my feminism. I’ve been shamed, objectified, told X is normal but Y isn’t.

“Recently, as I started to talk more and more about sex around me, I figured out that a lot of my friends are also struggling with their own issues: erasure of asexuality, sexual preferences that have to be closeted, transphobia, shaming around sexually transmitted diseases or infections, etc.

“I feel like everyone should talk more about sexuality to normalise it – but unfortunately, not everyone can.”

Connect with Laura on twitter at @lauranevo, and on instagram at @calladann/

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