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Brand Guardian

Jo Cowper is the FIERCE Brand Guardian for Scarlet Ladies. Working with Scarlet Ladies for over a year, Jo has helped to rebuild the Scarlet Ladies brand and getting Scarlet Ladies out there. She is a mum, a runner and a marketing consultant. In varying proportions …

I’m a professional marketer with 20 years experience of developing and implementing marketing strategies for large and small businesses, in the UK, France and the USA. I am absolutely passionate about helping brands connect with the right people, in the right way. Today, as a freelance marketing consultant, I specialise in helping small businesses around the UK build strong, customer-centric communications strategies, and I feel incredibly lucky to work with some inspirational business owners and do a job that I love.

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Ultra marathons and mountain running are my way of chilling out

Scarlet Ladies’ mission to destigmatise the conversation around female sexuality, empowering and connecting women around the world, is important to me personally because:

Having two children and a divorce (not in that order!) has taught me that there are many, many things about sex and sexuality that can’t be taken for granted. Yet there are some conversations that just don’t happen out there in the everyday world: there’s no space for them. Witnessing friends and colleagues go through break-ups, crises of self and sexuality – or, even worse, seeing them continue in situations or relationships that don’t make them happy, simply because they can’t find the empowerment or agency to make the changes they need – tells me that the need for something like Scarlet Ladies in the world is pretty much universal. More often than not, women are battling on alone when it comes to sex and sexuality, through relationships, pregnancies, childbirth, parenthood, menopause … yet for so many, a simple ‘me too’ moment could make all the difference. I love that Scarlet Ladies is committed to making those moments happen.   

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