“I talk sex because by simply speaking up, you may ultimately change another woman’s life for the better. “

“I talk sex because silence breeds shame and ignorance, and allows oppressive behaviour towards women to go unchallenged.

“By speaking openly and sharing feelings and experiences, we can teach and learn from each other. Ultimately, we can cast off the preconceived ideas, myths and misinformation that have been used for too long to hold women back.

“I believe that knowledge is power. Whilst we encourage women to be empowered in every aspect of life, when it comes to sex and sexuality we are told we should be open but only in the bedroom, behind closed doors. We teach young girls as they grow into women that, no matter what else they achieve, their value can be measured in terms of how many people they allow between their legs.

“By allowing that kind of thinking to continue, we teach women to be silent around their sex lives. Which ultimately teaches young girls and women to be silence about their abuse. Young women are told their pleasure is only approved for a man’s satisfaction, and we are encouraged to judge and shame each other for what we do with our bodies.

“I believe that by uniting, sharing, and finally speaking openly, we empower ourselves and each other. We will realise that, if we are to be happy within our lives and relationships, our pleasure should always come first.

“By sharing, we will get rid of prejudice and end the myth of the so-called ‘normal’ we are continuously told to measure ourselves against. Since founding Scarlet Ladies I have heard from so many women, and one key thing I have learnt is that you are never on your own. Whatever you are going through, someone else is always is experiencing similar journeys and experiences to yours. So, by simply speaking up, you may ultimately change another womans life. Your experiences are lessons that can and will help another woman. “

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