Franki Cookney is a non-monogamous married journalist from London. Interested in both men and women, she loves to chill out with red wine and good friends and values the social aspect of Scarlet Ladies as well as its supportive and serious side: gender equality; exploring tough issues affecting women; body positivity and peer-to-peer support between women all make her tick.

Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Inclusive, candid, supportive

What does Scarlet Ladies mean for you?

“The best thing about it is meeting so many diverse and fascinating women – I am constantly inspired by the people I meet and the stories I hear. Every woman needs Scarlet Ladies in her life because we are stronger when we share stories, talk openly and candidly and support each other on our journey (sexual or otherwise).

“As a society, we all need to be more honest… but also positive. It’s important to acknowledge that our sexuality does not exist in a vacuum. We all have different experiences of sex  – and these intersect with our cultural, social, racial, and religious backgrounds – and of course we need to be honest about the realities but I don’t think we gain anything when we reinforce negative ideas about ourselves or the difficulties we face. Let’s be open with each other but remain constructive, not commiseratory in the way we  talk about sex.”

Best Scarlet Ladies event so far?

“Talk of The Town – Female’s Fess Up – because I got to be on a panel with four other amazing, inspiring women and chat about sex all evening. What more could you want from a Tuesday night?!”

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