Alyssa Henley

Alyssa is a polyamorous Trans Liason Officer from Reading, interested in ‘anything with a heartbeat’! Her favourite way to chill out is sensation play – and she reveals that, “despite my overt sexuality and confidence, I only really started exploring it three years ago …” She joined Scarlet Ladies to meet new people, as well as to explore her interests in gender equality, sex positive feminism, and to tackle the tough issues affecting women in the world today.

Scarlet Ladies in 3 words: Sassy, sexy, inspiring

What does Scarlet Ladies mean for you?

“The best thing about it is the opportunity to meet lots of inspirational women. Every woman needs Scarlet Ladies in her life because that way, we can talk openly about the issues that concern us without having have everything mansplained or solved for us.

“As a society, we need to understand that women can be sexually active and promiscuous without being referred to as sluts. We need to understand that sex work is work, and provide the same rights and protections for sex workers. To understand that consent is something that should be taught to *everyone*.

To understand that teaching someone safety tips to avoid being raped just means someone else might be raped instead. To understand that age appropriate sex education (including LGBT education) is the single best way to achieve this.”

Best Scarlet Ladies event so far:

“Exploring kink – the panellists were awesome :)”

Get in touch with Alyssa:

Twitter: @alyssahenleyuk

Facebook: @alyssahenleyuk

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