In the midst of regeneration and growth, we have decided to introduce Scarlet Ladies to Bristol, a place where the party never stops. With more and more diverse, creative people migrating to Bristol, we will join them by spreading some Sonder & Beam wisdom. Through our community, we want to meet the beautiful, like minded people of Bristol and start expanding our community. 

Coming 2020

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Sonder & Beam is a unique community of sex-positive women and trusted female-centric brands. We
host frank and honest conversations to better understand and embrace our bodies and our sexuality.

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Our events provide a safe and confidential space to talk about the topics that matter, we’ve got it covered.

Off The Record

Relax, chill out, and be inspired in the company of your sisters. Discover new places and new sides to yourself that you had forgotten were there: find answers to the questions you never dared ask; push your boundaries or just have some fun: whatever happens off the record, stays off the record! 

Share your self

Putting the spotlight on sexuality, relationships, body positivity, we welcome you, women, cis, trans and non-binary members to share and connect at this once a month Share Your Self. 3 guests per night will have 15 mins to recite a poem or perform spoken word, present a story or share an idea.

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