Ruth Ramsay

Award-winning striptease artist turned erotic empowerment coach, Ruth Ramsay, found her way to sexual empowerment and erotic confidence through over a decade of disrobing on-stage. Performing to audiences of varied ages, gender identities and degrees of physical abilities/disabilities, in locations as far afield as Taipei, London and New York, she developed her theory that our erotic spirit exists independently of our age, gender and physical state. Who we are erotically, when freed from convention and conditioning, taps into our deepest selves, and in her coaching she seeks to provide the safe supported space for your true erotic self to emerge and be explored. In her monthly column she blends stories from her dancing years (sometimes raunchy, sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious) with self-coaching exercises, to help you access your unique erotic spirit and step out confidently and joyfully onto the erotic stage of your life.

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