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Scarlet Ladies is a community of women supporting each other towards sexual empowerment.

We don’t say that life is all about sex - but we do believe society makes it tough for women to embrace that side of themselves. We are working to take away the stigma and shame around female sexuality.

Using the power of straight-talking conversation, we are building a future where women’s sexuality isn’t a dirty secret, but something natural that men and women accept and celebrate.

Scarlet Ladies was founded in 2015 with a mission to help women everywhere to feel ‘normal’.

Today, we are social enterprise, powered by our shared vision of a better life for women everywhere. Our vibrant and growing community welcomes women from all walks of life, regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation or experience. It’s not about what you do or who you do it with; it’s about feeling the confidence to be who you are without fear of judgement … and helping others to do the same.

We celebrate Freedom, Inspiration, Esteem, Respect, Courage and Enjoyment: we call these our FIERCE values, and we see them in women everywhere.

Through our events, we empower, educate and enlighten women about all aspects of female sexuality.

Through our membership, we’re building a mutually supportive community of women, united by a positive agenda of personal development and friendship.

Through our campaigns, we’re spreading our message of sexual empowerment around the world, encouraging women everywhere to find their authentic voice and rediscover the courage to speak out.

We’re a social enterprise, and all revenues are reinvested directly in the Scarlet Ladies community.

We are proud to support Brook: sexual health and wellbeing charity for under 25s. Through education, community work and ongoing support, Brook has been at the forefront of providing wellbeing and sexual health support for young people for over 50 years. The charity’s services in local communities, education programmes, training for professionals and campaigning work mean that young people are better equipped to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices.

By being part of Scarlet Ladies, you’re helping us to help Brook make sure that all young people have place to go to talk sex when they need it most.


Meet Our Team

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Rudo Mashongamhende

Social Architect

Oli Lipski

Community Witch

Jo Cowper

Brand Guardian

Jannette Davies

Chief Pleasure Seeker

Our Story So Far

About Us

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Our Story So Far

Our Story So Far

Great things come from humble beginnings. Find out how Scarlet Ladies came to be.

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