Why Sonder & Beam

Personal & sexual empowerment for every woman, everywhere. 

Using the power of straight-talking conversation, we are building a future where women’s sexuality isn’t a dirty secret, but something natural that men and women accept and celebrate.


At Sonder & Beam we don’t follow the rules. We make them. We host frank and open conversations about female sexuality and sexual experience, because we believe that our sexual identity is an important part of who we are. Cis, trans and non-binary: every woman is welcome.

Through our events, our supportive community, our directory of trusted sex-positive brands and our grassroots charity links, we are building a sexually empowered world for every woman, everywhere.


When it comes to your body, your sex life and your sexuality, we believe there’s only one person who should get to decide what you do and who you do it with: you. Sonder & Beam draws on the power of honest education, straight-talking conversation and community support to empower every woman to grow in confidence and live her life, her way. .


We say that knowledge is power, and that the greatest power of all lies in knowledge shared with others. Through our expert teachers and our peer community of open-minded, supportive women, we are committed to smashing stigmas, challenging prejudices and setting women free from ignorance, hatred and fear.


Our global community is the heart of Sonder & Beam. We bring together females from all walks of life and all backgrounds in a space of mutual friendship, support and acceptance, where everyone who identifies as female is welcome to learn, grow in confidence, and follow her own journey of self development whilst helping others to follow theirs.


No exceptions, no exclusions, no judgement. Straight, gay, bi or queer; cis, trans or non-binary: no matter who you are, where you come from and where you are on your journey, Sonder & Beam is a safe and inclusive space where you will find friendship and support where you can grow in confidence and love yourself for who you are and who you want to be.


When women stand together, support each other, talk openly and listen deeply, we are all stronger. Sonder & Beam is a space of friendship and equality where every woman from every background will listen and be heard, so that together we will flourish and grow.


From your confidence to your sex life, from your business or career to your relationships, women come together at Sonder & Beam to give and find the support and strength to bring about the transformations that they want to see. Through our community, our campaigns and our charity projects, at Sonder & Beam women work together to build a better, safer world for every woman, everywhere.


£10 from every membership payment, every month, goes directly to charities and organisations working to empower vulnerable women and girls around the world.

Meet Our Team

Rudo Mashongamhende

Social Architect

Oli Lipski

Community Witch

Jo Cowper

Brand Guardian

Jannette Davies

Chief Pleasure Seeker

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