Why Sonder & Beam

Personal & sexual empowerment for every woman & non-binary person, everywhere.

Sonder: the realisation that each passer-by has a life as vivid and complex as your own. Beam: a ray or shaft of light, or to transmit a message in a specified direction

Regardless of race, background or sexuality, whether you are cis, trans or non-binary, we support one another through expert education and straight-talking conversation. We speak openly to smash stigmas, reject prejudice and stop abuse.

We believe that every woman and non-binary person has the right to make their own decisions about their own body and their own pleasure, and we believe that sexual empowerment is a vital part of the journey towards a fulfilled and confident life.


Through our events, our supportive community and our grassroots charity links, we are working to build a sexually empowered world for every person, everywhere. Connect with sex- positive professionals; meet the people who are making waves; talk, listen and share experiences with other people on journeys parallel to yours. Sonder & Beam is a safe and supportive space where women & non-binary people are leading the way; changing the narrative by replacing judgement and stigma with support and friendship for all, regardless of their background or their situation.

At Sonder & Beam we don’t follow the rules. We make them.



When it comes to your body, your sex life and your sexuality, we believe there’s only one person who should get to decide what you do and who you do it with: you. Sonder & Beam draws on the power of honest education, straight-talking conversation and community support to empower every woman to grow in confidence and live her life, her way. .


We say that knowledge is power, and that the greatest power of all lies in knowledge shared with others. Through our expert teachers and our peer community of open-minded, supportive women, we are committed to smashing stigmas, challenging prejudices and setting women free from ignorance, hatred and fear.


Our global community is the heart of Sonder & Beam. We bring together females from all walks of life and all backgrounds in a space of mutual friendship, support and acceptance, where everyone who identifies as female is welcome to learn, grow in confidence, and follow her own journey of self development whilst helping others to follow theirs.


No exceptions, no exclusions, no judgement. Straight, gay, bi or queer; cis, trans or non-binary: no matter who you are, where you come from and where you are on your journey, Sonder & Beam is a safe and inclusive space where you will find friendship and support where you can grow in confidence and love yourself for who you are and who you want to be.


When women stand together, support each other, talk openly and listen deeply, we are all stronger. Sonder & Beam is a space of friendship and equality where every woman from every background will listen and be heard, so that together we will flourish and grow.


From your confidence to your sex life, from your business or career to your relationships, women come together at Sonder & Beam to give and find the support and strength to bring about the transformations that they want to see. Through our community, our campaigns and our charity projects, at Sonder & Beam women work together to build a better, safer world for every woman, everywhere.


Our Story so far

Sonder & Beam previously Scarlet Ladies was born one cold winter’s day in a coffee shop. In its very earliest days, it was just a little meet-up group where women could go to feel great about themselves. That was the winter of 2015: we have come a long way since then.

Right from the very beginning, we recognised that although feminism has done a great deal to empower women in many areas of life – female sexuality is still too often ignored or overlooked as an aspect of our emotional and personal wellbeing. We set out to change that.

Meet Jannette

Hi, I am Jannette. I founded Sonder and Beam because I believe that everyone around the world deserves to be educated about their body and given the free choice to do what they please with it.

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