5 tips to overcoming trauma

Recent studies have shown that Trauma can be inherited, passed down due to changes in the DNA. However, this can be reversed by working on your trauma with positive experiences. As a community, we know first hand how trauma affects our daily lives directly and inadvertently. We also know that overcoming Trauma is scary and feels like a never ending mountain. But we encourage you to do so, allowing you to be the best version of yourself. The first thing is to find a

Here are top tips to overcoming trauma:

Seek out a therapist.

Speak to a few and choose the one whom you feel the greatest connection with. Building a therapeutic alliance with your therapist will create a safe space where you can constructively detangle your feelings and experiences.

Name & Express

Naming and expressing our feelings helps us process them. It is a way to put into words emotions that can feel overwhelming, swirling and out of control. You don’t have to keep hold of every traumatic memory and experience it all at once, you can write it down. When it comes to mind, remind yourself that you have it written down so you don’t need to keep thinking of it.  You can let it go for now and pick up the words from your journal anytime you want.


Acceptance and tolerance of the many changes life brings will help you to stress less. Be flexible, trusting that you can tolerate the changes and challenges that ordinary life brings.

Join a support group

Hearing other peoples stories and noticing how similar your experiences are can be so healing. This process helps us regulate our own emotions and also enables us to gain permission and insight to live a full life as we support and encourage others to do the same.

Wake up naturally

If you can, wake up naturally with the morning light rather than an alarm clock. I know this isn’t easy here in the UK but the investment in a daylight alarm clock will pay off quickly, enabling you wake up peacefully, rather than being startled and triggering a trauma response by an alarm or the radio.

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