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I cannot tell you how long I have been looking to create a space where members can make their sexual happiness part of their daily lives. From the very beginning, when we were Scarlet Ladies, we dreamed of creating a safe space that completely normalises sexuality for women. We found that at 23 Paul Street and really embraced our Home there. Every Tuesday we hosted an event for members to learn and connect. However, that never really felt complete as I wanted a space where everyday women can feel safe to talk, not just Tuesdays. We then launched our WhatsApp group but we were never too happy with it as it did not have all the features we wanted. 

The Pandemic happened and everything went quiet for us because we couldn’t do what we do best, which was real life events. Just like a lot of people, I began to think if there was a future for Sonder & Beam and what could it be. After a year plus of back and forth with myself I decided to push forward and evolve the community. We cannot remain the community we were when we started over 5 years ago. Times have changed and will continue to change. A few months back I announced our return and now I am announcing our brand new space.

Welcome Our Digital Home

An online space accessible via our website and an app where you can connect with like minded women and non-binary people. A central hub where you can be part of a supportive community, build friendships, have daily conversations, book events, access monthly ebooks, exclusive classes and more. The best thing is that you can enjoy the community wherever you are. 

How does space work?

Your very own Activity Feed

Once you join and create your account and login, you land on the Home tab, which is your Activity Feed. Your Activity Feed is personalized for you. And it’s the heartbeat of your Sonder & Beam experience. In your Activity Feed, you’ll see the posts, articles, polls, questions, and events added by your Host and other members.

Follow topics to suit your needs

Quick Posts, Articles, and other activities like Polls, Questions, and Events fall under a topic. Follow topics to stay up to date on content suitable for your needs. If you don’t want to see any activity in a particular ‘Topic’, you can choose to hide that topic from your feed. 

Create polls, questions and articles

Start new conversations and share experiences with other members through polls, questions and articles. Articles are our members only journal area where members can share stories and opinions for other members to read. 

Create your very own events

We have made it even easier to host your very own discussions with members of the community.  There are three different event types to choose from: local events to meetup with members in your city, live chats and online meetings. Once you’ve set up an event, you can share it out and members can RSVP. 

Follow and Message a member

Stay up to date with fellow members by following them. When you choose to follow another member, this will trigger more of that person’s activity to show up in your feed. You will also get notified whenever that person posts something new. Furthermore, you you can send and receive private, direct messages with other members

Updated Events

We have also updated our events and groups to suit our new space; enjoy daily events to learn, be empowered and connect. We are all about normalising conversations on sexuality. Which is why our ALL members have access to our discussions and can create their own discussions. 


Every day join our live chat where we discuss a topic to educate, inspire and empower each other. Run by members for members these discussions are all about coming together to share.  Expect special guests such as your favourite educators and professionals who will help to lead the conversation.

Beam Talk

Beam Talk is the full length version of our open event Sexuality Unwrapped but for members only. If you loved our 30 minute chats but wanted more then Beam Talk is for you. A monthly meetup  where no topic is off limits. This is your time for some well deserved me time to connect, educate and share ideas. 

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S&B groups

If you want to take things further; meet local members, learn new skills and listen to inspirational speakers our groups are the perfect private spaces for you. With their own dedicated space we will take you further and everything that happens in a group stays in the group. Groups function as sub-groups in Sonder & Beam that have their own branding, their own members, and their own Topics, Articles, Polls and Questions, and Events. 

Beam Skills

This is sex education like you never had it before: our straight-talking ‘How-To’ sessions take a head-on approach to all the questions you never dared ask at school! Expect eye-opening insights from the world’s best sex educators: at our members-only workshops, you’ll discover a world of tips, tricks and skills guaranteed to transform your world in the bedroom (and beyond …)


Sonder & Beam guests take the floor for an intimate night of conversation; share stories; and take questions from the group about the experiences, expertise or events that have made them the person they are today.


Beam socials make space for you to continue the conversations or start new ones. Relax, chill out, and be inspired in the company of your tribe, hosted by your fellow member. There is nothing like meeting IRL, these fun and fabulous socials are designed to connect with fellow members in your city. 


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Embracing our value to educate all members can access our educational content. In partnership with the best educators our aim is to empower you through education. 


Learn something new every month with our ebook guides. We partner with sex educators and professionals to give you the best advice every month. 

Online Course

Go one step further and take an online course. Our courses allow you to learn something new in your own time and in the comfort of your home. Exclusively for members our online courses are designed for the needs of our members providing easy to learn content at affordable prices. 

Love the sound of our new community? Apply now to start your 3 Day trial and you can cancel anytime . Or book our next Open House where I show around our new space below. [Book Here]


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