Sex-Positive Founders Returns

After such a long break I am excited to announce the return of our first group, Sex-positive Founder meetups. Listen to inspirational stories, learn something new and build new connections at founders meetup. A group designed for sex positive founders & professionals within the S&B community. We aim to support you in your journey to make a change. This group is for anyone who has interest in listening to inspiring women, wants to start something new or push your business or career further. Wherever you are, join us every 2 weeks to listen to inspiring women. 

The event types:

In conversation with

Join us and get real intimate and cosy with our special guests during our lunchtime chats. For 30 minutes each of our chosen guests will share their ideas, knowledge and experience with you. 

As we tackle taboos on female founders head on, these chats will unfurl personal struggles, prejudices faced, and what they have done to overcome those hurdles. Here we will collectively gain a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be fierce, inspiring our own journeys.


Join our ‘How-To’ sessions where we take a head-on approach to all your business and career questions. Expect insights from our global business educators: at our members- only workshops, you’ll discover tips, tricks and skills to take you to the next level. 

Where will we host?

Online. We want to be Global to connect members across the globe. We will host regular live meetups to make real connections. 


Tickets are free for community members and prices vary for global members. 

Our first meetup will be September 13th September @1pm GMT. Book Here.  Join our group to be the first to know of upcoming events. Stay tuned as I announce further. 

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