Our Return

Sonder & Beam returns! I am so excited to bring back the community and I hope it will be even better than before. This 2021 I took a break as the pandemic was seriously kicking my butt and  everyone else’s. I knew I would never close down but I had to seriously think about where S & B go from here. I must admit the break was seriously needed and it gave me so much time to really think about what is important for the community. There were highs and lows during this process and whilst I am not a hundred percent there, the hope is to take one day at a time. 

Going back to our core

When the pandemic hit that is when it hit hard that regardless of what we do or the solutions we create, absolutely nothing beats real life meetups. This is what our members want so this is what I will focus on. There will be events and groups that will be online but the majority will be IRL. This may be tricky as things are still not certain BUT I will try my hardest to ensure we are mainly IRL. 

Being member run

I have said it before and I will say it again. Our aim has always been to be a member run from the beginning. With the following steps I hope that we achieve it. From our groups to the blog I hope every aspect of S&B will become run by our community. Why? This community has always been to create a space for women by women. Over the years I  have focused on making it even more inclusive and I hope to achieve this over time. 


Groups is a brand new concept that I launched last year to be even more inclusive and diverse. I realised as a straight, black,  cis woman I could not create events for everyone to honestly say we are trully inclusive. Whilst we created events based on the needs of our community I felt we weren’t as open as I wanted. So groups is the solution. Members can create groups based on their needs and interests. Since everyone is unique, so will the groups. Which means that eventually there always will be a tribe for someone within S&B. And if you can’t find your tribe you can always create one at no extra cost.  Whilst we are based in London,  groups can be opened anywhere. 

Create your very own group

As a Community member you can create your own group connecting like-minded people. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons it is entirely up to you. Run your group how you like it and empower yourself and others. All groups will go through an application process to be approved by members of our community (The Activists). 

Submit an entry in the member Journal

Our blog has now been upgraded to The Journal. The Journal is where we are giving our community a platform to share. Launching later in the year, the Journal is for members but not limited to. Interested in submitting email info@sonderbeam.com.

Be an activist

Our Activists are members who love S&B and want to get involved in the community. Activists are the members who are unofficially running S&B,  they decide groups being launched, provide regular feedback to improve the community, host a meetup and so much more. Plus, I will be organising regular exclusive meetups to connect. 

S&B official groups

As we are now a groups run community we have official groups where we partner with infuencial people in the sex positive community to run an exclusive groups for a limited time. Groups will be diverse and don’t forget if you have requests to submit it to info@sonderbeam.com.

Over the next few weeks I will be announcing upcoming events and groups. So stay tuned. 

I have published our 1st event from the group Sex-Positive Founders. It is an online meetup and the first of a very new format. Check it out here. 

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