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We are switching things up in 2021 to take a step further to being a member curated community. Our events have always been created from pitches from our community. A few weeks ago I had a virtual sit down with our Beam rewards members on what we need as a community, what they like and issues. The most loved is the diversity of speakers and the community members. They would like even more of this and to continue tp  enjoy even more diverse conversations from people from all walks of life. 

One thing that is certain is our community will not be able to function without our members especially the most active. These members have always made their contribution; attending events regularly, sending feedback, supporting fellow members to speaking at events. You name it, they have done it. We pride our selves on our diversity and to continue to lead the way in creating a diverse sex positive community we are launching groups. 

In 2021, our community will be upgraded with the launch of groups. Members will join member run groups to customise their experience based on their needs. When it comes to our sexuality and our identity we are always changing, so it is right that we create a community that allows our members to change and grow. 

All groups are run by members so expect a diverse range of groups suitable for everyone. Choose as many or little groups as you want;  from relationships to kink, LGBTQ to people of colour. What makes groups special is that members can connect with people with similar needs and interests in the safety of Sonder & Beam. Each group has their own rules, programme, news and content. Finally you can join and leave groups anytime. 

What are groups

Run by members for members, groups bring like minded members together to empower and educate each other  by sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences. Find and build groups to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of your comfort zone, and empower people together.

How it works:

As a member you have access to all groups and events. Customise your experience based on your needs. Join as many groups as you will like and learn new things. Each group is unique. 

Build your group

Want to build a group to meet new people or to empower other members? Create your very own group and build a network of supportive women & non-binary people. Create IRL events to build a local community or go digital to connect women Globally,  or choose both.  You have full control of your group to host as many events as you would like how you like.

How to join a group

All members can join a group by simply registering to join. Don’t want to join a group? You can still attend group events however, you will not have access to exclusive emails, events and content. 

Join our current groups here


 If you are not a member apply here to join.

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