Greater community: Self Pleasure, improving intimacy & Sex toys

We have some fab digital events from our community this July encouraging you to explore wherever you are.
Almaz Ohene, founder of Kayleigh Daniels has partnered with Candid Collective to improve intimacy. Although this is the part two you can jump right in with this finale event. Jem, a certified Sex Geek –  A Sexological Bodyworker hosts a 6 week programme for Vulva Owners to embrace pleasure. Finally, Asa Baav, founder of Tailor Matched has collaborated with Just The Tip podcast for a workshop on sex toys for solo and partner play. As these events are all part of our wider community they are female run aiming to create safe space for women across the Globe and members can enjoy a 10% discount too. See our full calender of our partner events here

UNSENSORED works #2: “Vibe From Scrap” with Esther Angelo 

The goal of this workshop is to use scraps found at home to construct a vibrating sex toy. During this workshop we will have an open discussion about the sex toy market/industry, general cautions when using sex toys and how to embed the use of sex toys in daily life.

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Self-Pleasure 6-week course

For Vulva owners. Pleasure always starts with the self. 

If you’ve opened up your own pathways to pleasure and let curiosity lead you then you’ll be more likely to be able to fully receive, ask for what you want and build your own arousal without depending on another to satisfy us.

Each session you’ll be taught techniques for expanding sensation and guided through an exercise, encouraging you to let the body lead.

The course will be tailored to the group, and the experiences will be different for everyone.

Whether its pleasure, nourishment, relaxation or release, the body gets what it needs from the practices.

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23rd July: Workshop 4: Improving Intimacy Part II

  • Learn how trust and clear communication can help push exciting sexual boundaries.
  • Leaning into introspection and self-knowledge, discover your sexual potential
  • Work up to sharing your explicit materials preferences and sexual bucket list with your partner(s).
  • Six-page printable companion workbook with cut-out-and-keep ‘Sex Menu’, ethical pornography outlet recommendations for all genders and sex toy reviews and recommendations for all genders

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29th July: Sex Toys: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know

In collaboration with Georgette from Just The Tip Podcast, we have designed a workshop all about sex toys for both solo and partnered play in mind.

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UNSENSORED chats #6: “Let’s Talk About Kink”

What are your naughtiest desires? Do you like keeping them in your fantasy or acting them out in the real-life? Is it a power dynamics that turns you on or maybe some roleplay? Have you ever been restrained? How did it make you feel? LET’S TALK ABOUT KINK! ‘UNSENSORED chats’ is a bi-weekly sharing circle where we meet in our Raspberry Dream Land virtual world in to talk, share, listen and learn from others about all aspects of physical and virtual sex. We are facilitating for the disruption of existing taboos and stigma around sex not only in physical reality but also in virtual! Every month we have a new theme to discuss, with the only one exception – it must be about sex! The theme of July is KINK! 😉 * Hosted in AltspaceVR. Must have VR hardware or compatible PC, and download the app prior to the session.

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