Self love ideas in 60 minutes or less

This year my self love practice has been completely off. As someone who calls herself a masturbation evangelist I have been lacking in this department. Looking back at this year it is no surprise that my need for a little self love has drastically gone down. Recently it has picked up again, mainly due to my Satisfyer returning back to life. Long story short I masturbated the life out of this toy and it told me to fuck off for a while. After a few months break it resurrected and gave me more daily blessings. My bedtime is now my favourite part of my day and I feel more like myself again. 

Whilst a little bit of handsy pansy with yourself is a sure way to reconnect with your body there are other ways if you are just not ready for the daily masturbation championship with yourself. Here are quick, easy and mostly free ways to rekindle your self love practice. 

Take your time in the shower

Sexological bodyworker Jessica Parker has said it time and time again in her workshops with us. To be honest every educator pretty much repeats the same message. Embrace your shower or bath time; lather up, close your eyes and embrace the sensations and the pleasures of your shower time. No need to rub one out. This is all about enjoying your touch and connecting with every part of your body that does not begin with V. But if you want to connect go right ahead. This is your time. 

Grab hold of that toy

The Satisfyer is my go to if you have never heard me say it before. If you have a favourite toy then grab it  but if you are looking for something new here are some recommendations. If you are like me and nothing gets you off more than clitoral play then a clitoral suction toy will be heaven to your clitoris, get yourself a Satisfyer. There is honestly nothing like it. I have given friends and family the Satisfyer for the past few years and now I am their favourite human. Check out Satisfyer Pro Traveler, it packs up discreetly and you can take it anywhere. Get 10% Off by using code: Sonderself10 at Self and More . Maybe you just want to be penetrated and I totally get it, so check out Fine Bone Porcelain toys (10% off for members. Visit the Pleasure Parlour for code) Ffion created a beauty with this unique toy that is body safe and designed by her for Vagina Owners. 

Join a workshop

Yes, Covid has kept you at home but now you have a plethora of workshops to access in the comfort of your own home. It could not be easier to learn something new or improve on a particular skill. Of course we host weekly events for our community here but you can explore others. Our members via the Directory host a diverse range of workshops online and via their Instagram. All it takes is one hour max of your time. The Sex School provides online sex education web-series for adults [see here] every month.

Listen to some audio

As the digital sphere progresses so does sex tech and more opportunities for women to explore. Take a moment in your room or if you are looking for some excitement go out to the park and explore Ferly; an audio guide to mindful sex offering sensual stories, guided practices and personalised programmes. If you have an Iphone you are in luck and can enjoy this app for free. I believe they will be launching it on android soon. Sign up here to be the first to know

These ideas are only a few and I am sure you have other ideas. Regardless of your preference and where you are in your journey I hope this list helps for some quickie self love. 

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Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

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