July Events: Navigating Sex-Positivity, in a Sex-Negative Digital World

Having passed the midway point of the year and officially in the summer months our events in July will inspire, make you think and as usual relate with other women. We discuss sex postivity on social media and how to achieve it in a sex negative platform, members join together to support each other in our womens coaching Circle and we conclude our final part of Empower your sex life with Emma K Harper. 

Share Your Self 

Putting the spotlight on sexuality, relationships and body positivity, we invite cis and trans women, non-binary members and friends alike, to connect and celebrate each other at  Share Your Self once a month. 

Our topics are:

Creative Self Love: How channelling your creativity through masturbation can lead to discoveries. 

Speaker: Ffion Harman, founder of Fine Bone 

What about ‘When Sexual Pleasure Meets Intimate Wellness?’ 

Speaker: Kathie Bishop Speaker: Kathie Bishop 

Reflection on my privilege and how to move forward

Speaker: Marion Herve, Sonder & Beam member

Em-Power Up Your Sex Life With Emma K Harper: Part 3

In this three part workshop series, our selected guest will take you on a journey of sexual empowerment, personal confidence and relationship realness. Join this experience to level up your sex life and get clued in on the secrets behind true intimacy. 

Understand how to practice self care when feeling overwhelmed in your relationships. This workshop will cover how to tap into our personal resources and develop the self regulation skills needed to take better care of yourself and make managing your relationships easier when in difficult situations. We will discuss techniques that can support you to stay calm and have clarity so that you can discuss your needs comfortably and seek the support you may need. Join us for our Empowerment series evening.

Navigating Sex-Positivity, in a Sex-Negative Digital World

In this dedicated talk, hosted by the incredible Linnea Haviland from SH:24, we will be exploring the intersection of sex and social media. 

While Social Media is an amazing way to reach large audiences to promote a sex-positive message, how to you navigate talking sex and sexual health on a platform with largely sex-negative community guidelines? 

 Join us in this frank and open workshop to discover what the positives and negatives are of using Instagram as a platform to talk about sex and sexual health.

 SH:24 is an online sexual and reproductive health services in partnership with the NHS. Linnéa is the Art Director and Visual Designer at SH:24, and has built up their Instagram @sh24_nhs and social media tone-of-voice and presence.


We all know that it’s good to talk. But when it comes to sex and sexuality – especially when it comes to personal experiences, troubles or concerns – it can feel very difficult to find anyone to talk to. If you have something that you struggle to speak about yet need to address, then Circle, our private, members-only women’s coaching sessions may be exactly what you need.

Based on the format of a traditional coaching circle and facilitated by Scarlet Ladies co-founder Sarah, a qualified Personal Transformation Coach, Circle sessions create a safe space where you can speak freely, share concerns, find answers or simply soak up the wisdom of the room. There is no hot seat and no one is put on the spot: if you don’t want or need to talk, you’re welcome to come along to listen and support other women through their journeys.

Small and intimate, each monthly  Circle session is available exclusively to members, with opportunities for up to 4 ladies to seek support from the group each month and a further 6 to attend each session. Expect honest feedback; brainstorming, cheerleading and much-needed truth-telling. 

Members book your events here. Not a member? Join for Free here

Photo by Yaniv Knobel on Unsplash

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