New: Beam Rewards, The Loyalty Program

As we develop our community we want to ensure you stay on track with your own transformation and get the most out of your time with us. Whether it is your personal or professional journey we want to keep you motivated to keep moving forward. As a community we have seen plenty of women completely transform their lives. One common factor of all of the women that have transformed their lives at Sonder & Beam is that they were active in the community. They all made supportive friends within the community, attended events, supported others and continued their journey with partners outside of Sonder & Beam. Sexual empowerment is a lifetime journey for all which is why we have launched our Free Global Membership.  

We introduce Beam Rewards, our transformation program encouraging women to take steps to change their lives. 

Beam Rewards supports you on your transformation journey at Sonder & Beam. Enjoy rewards whenever you complete a transformational milestone. Start as a Beam Activist and earn rewards straight away for each step you take to transform your own life, then progress to become a Beam Changemaker making changes for all women.


As an activist you are actively taking steps to transform your life.  Get points of transformation and receive a badge for every 5 points. Enjoy a gift for every badge to celebrate your achievement.


  1. Get  5 points of transformation
  2. Get a badge
  3. Get your prize

Points of transformation

  1. Sign up to Beam Rewards ( double points)
  2. Complete your online profile
  3. Attend your 1st Sonder & Beam event. 
  4. Attending a new event stream (we have over 7)
  5. Attend an off the record
  6. Attend a partner event via Partner Calender
  7. Book a partner service via services
  8. Leaving recommendations in The Directory

Your badges

Our badges represent key feminist activists that have transformed womens lives all around the world. Along with your gift we will send you information about your badge icon to feel inspired.  

More ways to transform

Go one step further and support others in their journey. For each of the following acts of transformation you will receive double points taking you closer to reaching a new milestone. 

  1. Donate to one of our charity partners via our Donation 
  2. Refer a friend to Sonder & Beam 
  3. Leave a recommendation in The Directory
  4. Write a guest post or review for fellow members
  5. Share at share yourself
  6. Host a members night.


Once you have achieved your personal transformation we invite you to transform other women’s lives.  Changemakers are creating change for women everywhere through campaigns, projects, and actively making changes at Sonder & Beam. Feed your soul as a changemaker by changing women’s lives everywhere. 


The main perk as a Changemaker is transforming women’s lives however, you and enjoy the following: 

  • Changemaker Membership card
  • Changemaker badge for your website
  • 12 hr event cancellation 
  • 20% discount  membership renewal for bi-annual and annual membership.
  • Bring up to 2 friends to an event 
  • Be part of the community that is actively developing the Sonder & Beam community. 

Coming Soon: The Lounge

As part of Beam rewards, members can enjoy exclusive competitions, discounts and treats. 

Beam rewards is available for all members to join. Join now

Not a member? Apply here

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