Emma K Harper, Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist

I became a Sonder & Beam member because I’ve reached a place in my life where I’ve realized it’s going to take the empowerment and mobilisation of female leaders to make the changes this world is needing. I’ve given up believing that I can sit around waiting for anyone else to pick up the responsibility for the liberation of female sexual power and am looking for like-minded women who I can support into their fullest expression in the world.

I am a Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist working with women to liberate the blocks around their sexual expression. I work predominantly to integrate body intelligence and sexual power back into systems dominated by thoughts or un-integrated emotions. My work counteracts the masculinisation and desensitisation our culture inflicts on the female body.

My main inspiration behind my business is finding a solution to environmental degradation and climate change. I’m confident the liberation of women’s power, bodies and feminine energy will bring balance, heart-centered, collaborative and creative leadership we are so in need of.

 “The wound is the place where the light enters you”. 


My favourite quote is “The wound is the place where the light enters you” because of my personal hurdles. I have experienced childhood developmental trauma to rape, heart-break to eating disorders and career redirection to loneliness. However, I’m extremely grateful for my privilege in many areas of my life and also find myself with a strange niche of expertise that has been rather hard won.

Being a Stewardship of the earth’s resources, equality in relationships, embodying leadership, honouring boundaries, vulnerabilities and the personal right for self-protection are just some of of my core values I live by. 

Ultimately my goal is to develop methods that support the liberation of 1 million female leaders at the grass roots. To build a new culture that allows for a sustainable and balanced human occupation on this planet, incorporating the needs and rights of other beings and species as equal to our own.

I am currently working on bringing together the leading expertise from Internal Family Systems and Psychosexual Somatics Therapy to discover efficient ways to make safe changes in the female bodymind. We hope to rapidly increase our capacity for developing skills for healthy discernment, connection and relational interdependency to take care of ourselves and sustain social change. 

Furthermore, I anticipate integrating more Shamanic tools into my work but it’s one step at a time for now. I’m encouraged by the work I see other women do in areas adjacent to my own.

I am proud of completing a long series of therapy to work through PTSD I was carrying from a kidnapping incident 7 years ago. I learnt the tools to re-regulate my nervous system even when my body is thrown back into feelings of extreme terror. Moreover, it allowed me to open myself to a long-term romantic relationship again.

Within my industry my biggest peeves are male practitioners or teachers sleeping with female clients and/or abusing their position of power. Anyone who puts themselves on a pedestal above others. These people maintain or deepen people’s trauma around “being broken” or having a poor sense of self esteem. Finally, professionals who push peoples nervous systems too quickly because it makes the practitioner feel special, without really knowing what they are doing or understanding the impacts for the client.

I want to tell fellow members they can improve other women’s lives by listening to them. Reflect back what you are hearing and what makes sense to you;  avoid judgement, trying to fix or disempower. If we can all provide clean mirrors and empathic support for one another we can begin to heal the false perceptions about ourselves that are holding us back from stepping into the bigness of who we really are.

You can reach me via the directory here. I’m not a social media person. I save my time and energy for my close relationships and my work. Maintaining healthy boundaries between myself and a noisy and unhealthy world gives me the space to learn, grow and get really good at what I do. If that’s something you want to experience for yourself please reach out.

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