Your Guide: How to use the online community

The Sonder & Beam online community is our very own sex positive social community for women. Be part of a safe and positive space where you can make new found friendships, embrace who you are, support and empower other women through your acts and words. As a member use this space to share what really matters to you without being silenced. Our code of conduct applies to our online community to ensure we empower all within this community. As a member you can rest assured that your posts are shared within a community that embraces the same values as you. 

Key qualities of our community:

  1. Friend requests: Connect with fellow community members
  2. Activity feed: Stay up to date with with friends
  3. Groups: join groups and create your very own groups for like-minded individuals
  4. Your very own profile: Share your skills services, interests and more via your profile. 
  5. Submit your own articles: Write articles for fellow members. 

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So here is how to use your new online community. 

Setting up your profile, description and account

As a member an account is automatically created when you join. When you log in you will be directed to your activity page. On the right hand side you will see your profile and account settings. 

Your profile: This is your username that people will use to identify you. At the top you will see colourful tabs to design your profile such as cover photo, profile pics, social media. Be as creative as you wish.

Account: Update your email, password and set your account private if you only want friends to see it. 

Widgets: Here you can create your description, services, website links, posts and more.

The person tab: takes you back to your profile

Home tab: Returns you the website home page. 

Your profile page

Your profile page is available for all members to view unless your account is private and only friends will see. All details you have entered during set up will show here. 

Overview: To see key details of the member such as website links, services and more. 

Activity: View the members activity in the community. 

Friends: You can see the list of members friends

Groups: Groups the member has joined

Bookmarks: Activity that the member has saved to read later. Normally this is private. 

Main Menu pages

Activity: See all your friends activities via this page and post your own updates.

Members: Connect with more friendships by seeing all our members. Explore members and send friend requests to make new friends.

Groups: Create your very own group and invite all to join or join a group listed.

My account: Visit here to see your billing options,upgrade your membership, access member forms, members guides, eBooks and more. 

Creating status

At the heart of the community is the status where members can share freely on all things sex positivity and more. Keep our friends updated on your interests, activities and more via your status. You can decide if you would like to share only to yourself, friends or to all. Use emojis, share feelings, tag in friends and so much more. All your posts will be seen via your profile page too. 

Delete your account

Once you cancel your membership your account will be automatically erased. However, if you are a member and would like to delete your profile you can do so via your account settings. 

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