Going Digital: Our guide for you

To ensure you stay connected and continue with your transformation journey we have taken all of our events digital. To make your experience easier here is our guide to help you use our digital platform.

Our webinar platform

Click meeting unless otherwise stated. May vary for Off The Records

Browser: We have found Chrome to be the best for experience. Please use this browser.

How to join

You will be sent 3 invites/reminders via Click Meeting with information and directions on how to join the event.

Waiting room

When you click to join the event you will be sent to a waiting room where you can read the event details and the hosts. 

Start of events

All events will begin at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated. We will give a few minutes to ensure that everyone can hear the presenter. 


To avoid too much disruption the chat will be moderated by a member of the Sonder & Beam Team allowing attendees to speak to the moderator on the night on any technical issues or concerns with the talk.


Our host/presenter is the educator, teacher or speaker on the night.  



This will be a presentation format with only Presenters viewed and heard. You can submit questions via the chat for the speaker to address. Questions submitted will be moderated and made public if it’s related to the current event. During the talk we will open up questions to allow continuous discussion where the speaker will address. 

15 minute discussion time. 

At the end of the event we will open up the floor to allow discussion with the presenter. You can make yourself seen or have your camera off. 

Share yourself and discussion events

All attendees can be viewed during these events. If you do not like to be seen please turn off your camera. These events are designed to connect and offer a space for members to talk. 

Technology issues.

Unfortunately, there will be times when things are beyond our control. Please reach out to the moderator via the chat if you have any problems. If anything. Close the event and join us again.

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