Free Membership for Key Workers & more

During the Covid-19 pandemic we want to extend our support to support the people that are supporting us right now. We are offering 3 months free community membership to key workers and those made redundant due to Covid-19.

£10 from every membership, every month, goes directly to FREE community memberships to female key workers and those who have been made redundant due to Covid-19.


Because self care is vital for everyone and not just for the privilege. We are a tiny community with a small team trying to make an impact in all women’s lives. This is our way of ensuring that the people who need the support can have that through a supportive community. Within three months we hope to offer people new found friendships, a supportive community and a safe space to stay mentally healthy. 

The perks are…

  • A supportive community with core values of education, empowerment, inclusion, friendship, community and transformation.
  • Weekly Off the record events just to connect, build friendships and be part of a community. 
  • Access to monthly Share your Self
  • A supportive community of women
  • Discount with pro-members and their events

How do you apply?

We are a community with core values and to ensure we maintain a safe space all members have to go through our application process. We approve members based on their core values in their life. 

  1. Apply and enter your job description and complete all sections to be approved. Apply here
  2. We will review your application within 7 working days. 
  3. If approved you will receive a code with instructions and link for registration
  4. Complete registration. You will need to enter bank details. But renewal is not automatic and if you will like to continue you will need to log in and renew to the membership type you will like. 

Join us if you are a key worker or share to someone made redundant who will benefit from the community. Join Here

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