Beam Team: Asa Baav, Founder of Tailor Matched

Sex positive communities such as Sonder and Beam are invaluable when you’re exploring your sexuality and opening up around desires. Being able to openly talk about sex without shame or awkwardness is truly liberating. Sex positivity is all about embracing sexual diversity and having a community  who accept that you don’t want to live inside a box marked this that and the other which creates a safe space for you to set yourself free of shame – I feel very deeply for their mission. 


My name is Asa Baav, I am the founder of Tailor Matched – a dating consultancy for the wild at heart in London. We are on a mission to remove shame from sexual desires and bring dating back real connections in dating. At Tailor Matched, we work to identify your preferences both in bed and daily life – we do that through matching people on overall compatibility and sexual preferences. We facilitate this through online events, workshops and one to one coaching to remove whatever is holding you back in your dating life and love life.


I live by the quote “Trust the process”. For over 10 years I neglected the importance of paying attention to my love life because business “got in the way”After I decided to take charge of my true wants and needs in life and in the bedroom I’ve turned my whole life around, found true fulfilment in all areas of my life and now I do this for other busy professionals in London. Over the last 3 years, I’ve gone from not allowing myself to feel, attracting the wrong type of men in my life, self-sabotaging and living a shallow life to the here and now where I live my purpose.


‘My life goal is To operate from love and not fear’


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