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We can all accept that these are challenging times. As a community with a mission to empower women everywhere, we want to bring some joy to you during this time. It is even more necessary to be part of a community; to have support, connect with like-minded people and get you through your personal and sexual development. 

We are pleased to announce on May 1st 2020 the launch of our FREE Global membership available to all.  To maintain a safe space for our community all potential members will need to go through the application process. We approve members based on values and intent. As a community we want to change not only our personal life but others too. By joining our global community you are joining our mission to empower women, everywhere.

During this time, we have tweaked how we want to make an impact for all women.  £10 from every membership, every month, goes directly to charities and FREE community memberships to female key workers and those who have been made redundant due to Covid-19.

As a free member you will benefit from:

Online Community

In May we will launch our online community for members to connect online. Feel connected. With this sex-positive network, our online community is driven to empower women, everywhere, so you will find connection that extends globally.

Get support. Looking for advice, friendships or professional connections? Expand your horizons and enjoy a network that truly cares. Make friends. Follow, share, build groups and stay up to date with your fellow members’ latest stories on our members blog.  

Be transformed. Whatever your mission you are on, find comfort and support from like-minded and incredible women who will support you on your transformation. 

Access Events

Purchase tickets to events you want to attend. You will have access to our complete range of digital and real life (postponed till further notice) events. From discussion to workshops, coaching circle to online movie clubs; enjoy an array of events to keep you connected. 

Access to members blog

Read fellow members submitted blogs with a wide range of stories from members plus interviews, reviews and much more. Got something to share? Submit your very own blog post for other members to read and share. 

Access exclusive perks

Enjoy exclusive discounts from our growing members directory. 

See ALL perks here

Apply Now, it’s free and ahead of the crowd.

Member approval emails will be sent out from 14th April


Photo by Chris Murray on Unsplash

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