Beam Team: Andrea Balboni, Sex, Love and Relationships Coach

I became a Sonder & Beam member because Community with purpose is what supported me in my own journey to heal and eventually allow in the love that was meant for me all along. Sonder & Beam is special. The women in it are special. And having a safe place where one can ask all the questions that never get asked – and then have a conversation around them – is priceless. This is pure food for the soul.

I flew high in my career as a digital strategist and designer. I worked with blue chip clients across the globe on award-winning projects. I lead teams. I inspired change. This all felt easy compared with the challenges I felt in sex and love – both pretty much non-existent. 

I was single for 15 years.It was OK until it wasn’t. 

I mean, I was pretty good at being single. I had lots of really close friends. As well as true sisterhood. I had lived in exciting cities, New York, Tokyo, Milan and finally London. There were times when I wondered if I even wanted to be in a relationship. 

Deep down I knew the truth to this – I really did. I wanted a true partnership that felt easy, fun, blissful…and sexy. So I tried just about everything to get myself un-single. I was hell-bent on cracking the code.I tried all the usual things, from speed dating, to blind dating to self-help books. It barely scratched the surface. And not much changed in between dates after excruciating dates. 

Finally, I learned how to shift things. BIG things that were lying very deep under the surface of my soul. I learned that the way into and through those big things was via my body. This alongside quite a significant mindshift as well as heart and emotional coherence was what truly made lasting change. 

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