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Embracing our core values, our Beam Team blog is a community focused blog aimed at empowering our members. As a community we believe that every woman regardless of experience has a story to tell that will educate and empower other women. From our experience we have  learnt that women and non-binary people do not need to be given a voice. You already have it. Just like our events our blog is giving you a platform to speak your truth. Available for fellow members only you can rest assured that your story will be shared in a safe space. 

What is Beam Team? The Beam Team is the member community of Sonder & Beam. 

So what can you expect from the blog?

The Beam Team: we interview pro-members who will share their journey to inspire fellow members. 

Guest posts: members submit posts to be featured on the blog, from personal stories to opinions. Anonymous submissions are also welcomed. 

Reviews: we review fellow member services and products and tell you all about it.

Member news: we will announce community events, journalist requests, member wins and much more. .

News: we will continue to release news via the blog to keep you updated on all things Sonder & Beam. Once a month we will send a roundup of posts including events. 

How can you get involved?

This blog is all about your voice. We have a few ways to get involved

  • Submit your blog post via
  • Register to be a reviewer here
  • Complete form to be interviewed for The Beam Team interviews here.
  • Submit your news: got something exciting to tell us? Share your news, journalist request, wins and more to fellow members and get the support you rightly deserve. Complete form here

Where can you find the blog?

Visit your account area to see latest posts

How regular would we post:

We will aim to post once a week however, as the blog is mainly member submission this will mainly depend on the submissions.

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