Covid -19 changes: our upgraded program and community

Our mission is to empower women everywhere and that is exactly what we aim to continue to do. During uncertain times such as these we believe our community is exactly what is needed to continue to empower, educate and build friendships. We may not be able to host our wonderful events in London but we are not discouraged from pushing on with our mission and bringing people together in a safe space. We hope these changes will connect and empower women everywhere. 

We are going digital by continuing real conversations online. 

  • We continue with our current weekly program with slight tweaks to make it suitable for a digital platform. Member access remains the same.
  • Live only events to replicate our real life connections and conversations as much as possible through our video conferencing and webinars. 
  • Supporting our pro-members through various platforms; social media, blog and mini talks with our Pro-community. 
  • WhatsApp group upgraded to community WhatsApp group available to all members to connect
  • Weekly WhatsApp discussion held by Rudo
  • Off the record online bringing social activities for the community. Stay tuned for announcements
  • Release of a member submission blog. 
  • Share Your Self online for all.
  • Half price on Community event tickets till further notice. 

We aim to release further new features soon.

What is next

We will begin our new program from Tuesday April 7th. All events will be held at 7.30pm every Tuesday excluding our Off The Record online events. Events will be live and will not be recorded as we want to continue and encourage real life connections. So allocate a Sonder & Beam time every Tuesday for 1hr. 

Exclusive Trial membership

During this time we want to bring as many women together so for this time only we are offering a trial period.

Trial our community membership for 1 month for only £20 no joining fee. 

If you would like to continue, simply renew as a standard member. 

How to trial

To keep our community safe all trials will need to go through the application process. Once approved you will receive access to register. Apply Here

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