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“If you put shame in a petri dish and cover it with judgment, silence, and secrecy, you’ve created the perfect environment for shame to grow until it makes its way into every corner and crevice of your life.’ – Brene Brown

At the heart of Sonder & Beam is our community.  We have improved our events to make it more member focused to support members in their personal and professional transformation journeys’. We believe that every woman is an expert in her own story so we have upgraded our events to give members a platform to get involved and share their stories. By sharing you will not only transform your life but also other women. 

‘Our global community is the heart of Sonder & Beam. We bring together females from all walks of life and all backgrounds in a space of mutual friendship, support and acceptance, where everyone who identifies as female is welcome to learn, grow in confidence, and follow her own journey of self development whilst helping others to follow theirs.’

Get involved by:

  • Sharing @ Share Your Self our Open Mic Night
  • Be a guest panellist at Conversations our monthly panel
  • Take over @ members’ night
  • Write a guest post to


Of Course if you have other ideas submit it via our suggestions box via your account page.

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