The Directory has landed

We announced the upcoming launch of The Directory and Community Calendar last year and we have officially launched it. The aim of The Directory and Calender is to support female owned sex-positive professionals and businesses and to create an easy way for females around the world to access ethical and safe businesses. 

The Directory

This is more than a simple listing, members can explore ethical business but also supporting them the best way you can. Follow them on social media to see what they are all about, book their services or buy their products and reach out to them directly through the directory. If you like them leave a recommendation and show other females how great they are to help them grow. 

Pro-members see how to create your Directory here

The Community Calendar

We know our events are great however, there are so many other events all around the world that are just as great offering you so much more. Have a look at our community calendar to discover sex positive events run by our members. Don’t forget if you love an event recommend them in the Directory.

Pro-members see how to upload your event here

If you are a member and would like to be featured in The Directory’ upgrade to a Pro member at no additional cost.

Regardless, of what you are looking for we hope you will discover and trust fellow members. 

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