Living the Sonder & Beam life

Be the change you want to see. Our values are not just words but a way of life that our community embraces in their daily lives. As a community we look to support our fellow members in their personal and professional lives. Supporting members through kind words, active listening and support in any capacity. Whether you are looking for a coach, want to find some influencers to spread your message or want to attend an event, view the Partner calendar and The Directory and book your fellow members. 

Embrace our values; Education, Empowerment, inclusion, friendship, transformation and community. 


Educate your peers. With so many myths and taboos creating the foundation of a lot women’s sex education be the voice sharing knowledge to your peers, both men and women. Embrace education to help free women from shame, hatred and ignorance. 


Empower your peers through your words and actions. Be the source of encouragement, share inspiring advice, be the ears to listen and support women from all walks of life through your personal and professional life.


Meet all walks of life, from different backgrounds, experiences, culture, ages and watch how open your life will become. Create businesses and brands that are inclusive to reach a wide range of women.


Build great friendships with other women, non-binary and trans women. Create a culture of honest conversation, talk openly, actively listen and become stronger together. 


Build a better world for women everywhere. Create opportunities to help women and transform women’s lives across the globe. 


Create your own peer community; supportive friendship groups, a book club, whatsapp groups, monthly meetups and many more. Whether it is just with your best friend or a brand new community, size does not matter.

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