2020 events program has landed

We are excited to announce our 2020 program. Our 2020 program brings back real conversations about sex, relationships, body positivity, culture, society and more. We bring diverse women and non-binary people from all walks of life to discuss all things sexuality. As a community we will discuss topics affecting us directly as well as topics affecting our sisters around the world. We bring topics on culture and how that affects our sexuality. This will be our worldly year, not only learning about ourselves but learning about our sisters. 

We launch new events that explore the journey of female leaders in the sexuality industry to creating ideas together to build the sexuality industry [Book Collab-Creator launch here] Of course, we continue with our favourite events such as the Circle, Skills and Conversations. 

We believe to really get rid of shame we need to speak our truth. Sonder & Beam offers our community a platform to share their ideas, opinions and experiences to be heard by others. From taking over our members’ night, to becoming a guest at Conversation, to opening up the floor for our speakers. We are supporting our community on their journey, so regardless of whether it is a personal or a professional,  the stage is yours at Sonder & Beam. No experience needed. Members register here

If you are not a member but have something to share then our Share Your Self night is for you. With a maximum of 4 guests a night and 15 minute slots this night is available to all to share their opinions, expertise and stories to an audience of sex positive people. Please note our community gets priority slots. Apply Here.

We begin the year with a bang, the launch of Share your self  our sexuality open mic night. Join us to network and listen to women and non-binary folks share their stories, opinions, act and so much more. Interested in sharing your self? Register here. Otherwise, sign up here. 

Over the 3 months we will welcome three amazing women to discuss a range of topics at our Conversations; activist Hazel Mead will discuss activism through art and social media, Cathy Keen will share her story on being a thropple and creating spaces for non-monogamous spaces, and finally Sangeeta founder of Soul Soutra will join us to talk about South Asian women and sexuality. 

In need of some development? Every month we bring you a Skills teacher addressing various areas. Jessica Parker hosts The Real Sex Education with…Jessica Parker : Everything you want to know, We begin our 3 part series with Maîtresse Nuit on BDSM. 

See our range of events here. Want to become a member? See all we have to offer here.

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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