Creating your profile for The Directory

For Pro members only.*

The new directory will showcase our Pro members and their services, from coaches to brands,  journalists to activists to both members and non-members. We will provide you with all the info you need to reach out. What’s more, you can rest assured that our directory will be listed with credible, trustworthy individuals and businesses with values aligned with S&B. 

Support female owned businesses and more through our directory. If you loved a member on the directory, leave a recommendation to tell other women that they should check them out!

All events excluding non for profits will offer a 10% discount to Sonder & Beam members and 10% commission to Sonder  Beam to be re-invested in the community. 


What your profile includes

  1. Description
  2. Logo and media gallery
  3. Social media links
  4. Deal section for fellow Sonder & Beam members. This will only be visible to members. 

How to create your profile?

  1. Visit your account
  2. Create your profile
  3. Uncheck option to ‘not list in directory’.
  4. Save
  5. Visit page and check out your profile

Once your profile is published it will be seen by both members and non-members. At anytime you want to hide your profile please visit your profile and check ‘hide from directory’. 


Visitors and members can message you directly through the website. All messages from us will be have a Scarlet Ladies/Sonder & Beam  signature. Please ensure that is saved in your contact to avoid messages being sent to spam. Your email address and phone number will be hidden to avoid spam. 


Build your credibility and show how much you are loved. Be supported by your fellow members through their recommendations. The recommendations allows members to share services that they have experienced and loved. These recommendations will be seen by everyone


We are unable to track bookings through The Directory however, we trust that our community will be transparent with us to notify us when bookings have been made through the community. We will then send an invoice for our commission for the booking made. 

*Members can upgrade to Pro by visiting their account. Simply check the pro-version of your current membership type or upgrade/downgrade to the membership type that best suits you. 

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