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As a Sonder  Beam member you can now upload your events to our Community and be found by both members and non-members. All events excluding non for profits will offer a 10% discount to Sonder & Beam members and 10% commission to Sonder & Beam to be re-invested in the community. 

All events will be reviewed before publishing. Please allow 24hrs for your events to be published. 


How Do I Create An Event?

From either your event calendar or event list, click on the “Create New Event” button at the top which will take you to the new event setup.

From here you can enter the event title, choose the color the event will be on your calendar, add in the start and end times, location and address.

To add in a picture click in the box below address where it says “Click here to upload an image for your event”. If using Chrome or Firefox, you can also drag a picture file from your desktop into the box to upload the picture.

You can adjust the background/text color of the title as it is overlaid on the picture through the option found under the Event title box.

The text box on the bottom is where you can enter in a description of the event and provide event details.

What Format Should I Use For Images?

The image has to be GIF, JPG/JPEG or PNG format. We recommend your image to be a maximum of 800 pixels wide and 300-400 pixels high. Images that are too tall will require users to scroll down more just to get to your event information.

How Do I Collect RSVPs / Sell Tickets?

Once you’ve completed the event setup navigate to the “Ticketing” tab. You must create a ticket for users to register or RSVP for the event. Click the “Create New Ticket” button to create a ticket. Enter the name of the ticket, the price and quantity of tickets. If you leave the price blank, the ticket will be displayed with a dash “-” under the price. This would be desirable for RSVPs. If you make the price “0”, the price will be displayed as “Free”. If you leave the quantity blank, there will be no limits to the number of tickets sold.

How Do I Manage Event / Ticket Capacity?

You can enter an overall capacity for the event under the Ticketing tab, or leave overall capacity blank to allow for unlimited RSVPs or ticket sales (individual ticket capacities can still be limited based on the ticket setup).

Under each ticket, you can also set the number of tickets available, the number of tickets each user/member can register for, and how each ticket contributes towards the event capacity. For example, if your venue has a capacity of 100 people, and you offer a group ticket for a table of 5, you can set the ticket as counting 5 towards the event capacity, to ensure you do not oversell the event.

How Do I Create Member Only Tickets

You may make tickets available to members only by enabling the “Restrict … users with these folders/labels” setting when creating or editing a ticket. Visitors will be able to see the ticket (but not the price) and will be prompted to sign in if they wish to add the ticket. You may also make tickets available to members with specific labels or members in specific folders.

Note that you can also create exclusive discounts for the member types.

How Do I Create A Tax Free Ticket?

Under each ticket you can also set a specific tax rate for the ticket using the override tax rate setting. If this is set, the ticket will be taxed at that rate, regardless of the event tax table, organization tax table, or whether the member was set as non-taxable. So if you set this rate to 0, the ticket would be tax-free.

Can I Collect Payments At The Door Or By Check?

You can enable offline billing under the “Advanced” tab and entering payment instructions in the provided space.

Users that register and select offline billing will be indicated in the dashboard with their total in red so you can quickly identify whose payments are still due. The amount due will also be indicated in the CSV export from the dashboard.

To record a payment from an event registrant, simply on Edit next to the registration on the dashboard and click “Record Payment Received”.

How Do I Collect Custom Information Like Meal Preferences?

Select the “Registration Setup” tab, and click the “Create New Question” button to create a custom question. This will create a question on the registration form.

If you are offering users the ability to register for multiple tickets at once, and need to ask for information that is associated with each ticket, you would need to add the question under the ticket instead. When editing or adding a ticket, click on the “Questions” tab, and add the questions you need under that ticket.

At the end of your event please send invoice with total payments for that event with the 10% discount included. We will make the payment on receipt of invoice. 

*Members can upgrade to Pro by visiting their account. Simply check the pro-version of your current membership type or upgrade/downgrade to the membership type that best suits you. 

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