Scarlet Ladies 2.0: how we are giving

Last week we covered The Directory. This week, we will share who we will help.

When I started Scarlet Ladies with Sarah, the first thing I realised was how sex positive spaces just weren’t inclusive. The reality was, that as a black woman, I could always count the amount of other minorities in the room. Diversity lacked, so we created a brand that was inclusive, because all women have a right to be empowered. We ensured our panels were diverse, our educators varied in background and built a community that was diverse with different ages, background and race.

When deciding on our direction, I knew I wanted our community to be one to create change and make inclusion at the centre of our mission. In our little bubble it can be easy to believe that we are the majority. However, the developing world only makes up less than 15% of the world. That means, over 85% of women and girls around the world are not benefiting from the amazing changes the sex positive industry is making. Pleasure is a human right, however for the majority of women in the world, this is not even a conversation being had. We are rightly creating conversations and fighting for better education around sexual health, contraception and pleasure, but the fact remains that the majority of women do not have the privilege of these conversations. The majority of women are facing gender based violence on a regular bais, from FGM, to rape, to child marriage. We know that we cannot completely change the world and help girls and women all over the world but what we want to do is create a piece of the world we would like to live in.

My vision for our new brand is to create a new ecosystem, to create change and create a slice of the world we want to live in.  To make a change for women we have to take care of ALL women. No female should be left behind on our quest to liberate women. By creating a network where we interact with each other we will make huge strides in changing the world we live in.

To push our mission from removing the ‘Us’ and ‘Them ‘ narrative to a ‘We’, £10 from every membership, every month, goes directly to charities and organisations empowering vulnerable women around the world.


Supporting girls escaping FGM


A local organization working to end FGM in Sierra Leone, where 90% of girls and women have experienced FGM. It was formed in 2000 by a group of refugee women. AIM works to promote gender equality and girls education. They believe they can end FGM by empowering women and girls to be able to make their own decisions about their bodies and well-being.

What is FGM?

‘FGM refers to the non-medical procedure that partially or totally removes the external female genitalia — with extremely harmful health consequences. Survivors have reported serious issues with sex, urination, menstruation, pregnancy, and more.

It’s often seen by practicing communities as a ceremony of purification, to prepare daughters for marriage. But ultimately, it is the attempt of a patriarchal society to control female sexuality — and a serious human rights violation, according to the UN.’ -Global citizen.

We aim to provide support to girls in a safe house escaping FGM, child marriage and rape by supporting them with their education. £5 every month from each member will  provide girls with the following:



Raise awareness of the gynaecological anatomy and health



The Vagina Museum is the world’s first bricks-and-mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas and the gynaecological anatomy. There has been a 500% increase in the number of labiaplasties on the NHS between 2002 and 2012, and 65% of 16-25 year old women say they have a problem using the word vagina and vulva. Nearly a third of women aged 16-35 have avoided going to the doctors altogether with gynaecological issues due to embarrassment. Shame, stigma and silence surrounds the gynaecological anatomy; the Vagina Museum exists to celebrate this part of the body and spread the word that there’s nothing shameful or offensive about vulvas and vaginas. We host exhibitions and a packed programme of educational and empowering events to banish stigma, spread knowledge, and give people the confidence to talk about gynaecological anatomy.


We aim to support the museum to educate all about gynaecological anatomy and health, overcome stigma and shame so females can grow in confidence.

We have committed to hosting at least 2 events per month to encourage growth.

£5 of each membership fee will be donated to the Museum to sustain and help it grow.

Next week we announce our name, mission and values. Interested in joining our evolved community? 

Apply here to lock in the current price. Aim to support the museum to educate all about gynaecological anatomy and health, overcome stigma and shame so females can grow in confidence. 

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