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Last week, we announced that we are changing and our brand new events. Today, we will announce our 2 new additions for our community. (read here)

For the past 4 years, we have focused our efforts on sexually empowering the everyday woman. We believe that every woman deserves the right to embrace who they are and to love their bodies. In the past four years we have met so many women building businesses and creating change to empower all women. In all industries, membership communities have either been for consumers or for the industry. We want to change that. We are building a middle ground to mutually benefit sex positive professionals, creatives, influencers, activists and women looking to be empowered.


Our mission is to remove the ‘Us’ and ‘Themnarrative, and change it to a ‘We’ narrative. Our community will lead the way in creating a space for both female founders and businesses making strides on all things female sexuality, wellbeing and women looking to be empowered. At many of our events, a common solution to solving the pleasure and orgasm gap, is for more women to build businesses to make this change. These businesses need support to flourish, which is where our community steps in, not only for women on a personal journey, but also for women on a professional journey.


Why do we need to do this? Because we need each other. Neither one can survive and thrive without the other. It is as simple as that. Without the professionals and women fighting to make a change, the ‘everyday’ woman will not have the opportunities to learn and be inspired. Without the ‘everyday’ woman supporting professionals, these professionals and businesses would not be able to continue their work.  You never know who you might meet; a new business partner, a friend, your new sexuality coach or a brand new product that you can’t get enough of. We are creating a space where we can learn and build towards a better world for all of us.


Our community will provide the following:

  • A safe space to create and develop professionally and personally
  • A platform for our members to promote their services and businesses
  • Range of events to support professionals and businesses to thrive and build
  • A mutually supportive community where everyone benefits
  • An easily accessible database for members (and non-members) to access female owned businesses and services
  • Continuous opportunities to connect with like-minded people, business partners, clients/customers and sex positive professionals.


Safe, ethical and fun: our community offers the very best of female-owned, sex-positive brands.

Members and non-members can feel good in their mind, body and soul with our community of trusted products and services for them and their partner – all offering exclusive perks and discounts for members.


There can be an overwhelming amount of results when you are searching for something online. If you have ever browsed for a sex coach or sex positive events, you are likely to be bombarded with irrelavent and outdated options. Then the next thing is deciding if they are trustworthy or safe. How do you even find out? You may not feel comfortable enough to ask your friend, so you try your chances and hope for the best.


Our new directory ensures that you won’t need to take any chances and that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. The new directory will showcase our members and their services, from coaches to brands,  journalists to activists to both members and non-members. We will provide you with all the info you need to reach out. What’s more, you can rest assured that our directory will be listed with credible, trustworthy individuals and businesses. Support female owned businesses and more through our directory. If you loved a member on the directory, leave a recommendation to tell other women that they should check them out!


Community Events Calendar


There are so many awesome female led events being held all over the world, but the problem is discovering them. Again, for lots of women looking to learn about female health, wellbeing and sexuality, the question that is always asked is… Is it safe? Our community events calendar is hosted and run by members of our community, who share our values, including but not limited to; inclusion, safety and empowerment. As long as it is featured on our calendar, you know it has received our stamp of approval. Members receive exclusive offers, however, if you are not a member feel free to still book events through us.

From launch parties to workshops, meetups to play parties, this is the only event calendar highlighting female owned spaces that are inclusive and safe for females and non binary people.

We hope you are looking forward to our re-brand. Next week we will cover how we will be helping girls and women all around the world. This is the last month to lock in for current membership fees and be part of the change (Apply Here). Join us on the 29th for Scarlet Uncovered where we announce our new changes and name.

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