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We have gone through quite a few changes over the past years, some good and some bad. Scarlet Ladies is a community like no other, as a result of this, we have not had a template on how to create our business model. We have had to learn through trial and error, learning and listening to our community to see how we can best achieve our goals. We have always and will always be a safe space for women to be empowered sexually. Over the next few months we will be making gradual changes including announcing our brand new name and logo. 

We have been so proud of the community we have created but we want to do more. We want to stop the narrative of ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ to a ‘We’. We plan to do this by creating an inclusive community of women not only wanting to improve their own lives but others. Creating one space for all allows women to progress even further to make a change together on all things female sexuality. 

Here is a sneak peak of our upgraded community. 

Regardless of race, background or sexuality, whether you are cis, trans or non-binary, we support one another through expert education and straight-talking conversation. We speak openly to smash stigmas, reject prejudice and stop abuse. We believe that every person has the right to make their own decisions about their own body and their own pleasure, and we believe that sexual empowerment is a vital part of the journey towards a fulfilled and confident life. 

Through our London events, our supportive community and our grassroots charity links, we are working to build a sexually empowered world for every woman, everywhere. Connect with sex- positive professionals; meet the people who are making waves; talk, listen and share experiences with other women on journeys parallel to yours. We are a safe and supportive space where women are leading the way; changing the narrative by replacing judgement and stigma with support and friendship for all women, regardless of their background or their situation. 

To achieve this we have launched new perks and events, more details will be released over the next few weeks.  In 2020 we will add 3 new types of events to our current events, all with the intention to build, support and create. 


Have a great idea but need the support? Have the motivation and want to support great ideas? Collab-Creator might just be the space for you. Talking sex changes lives, and we want to take that a step further, inviting you to develop those ideas and collaborate to advance all of our sexual wellbeing. 

In society, competition is what drives us apart. This feels especially true in the narrative around career-driven women. Now is the time to reject that narrative, to uplift one another and co-create. It’s obvious that we are better off in numbers. 

“The more you give, the more you receive. Empowering women doesn’t come from selfishness, but rather from selflessness” – Selene Kinder. 

No matter how big or small your idea this is a confidential and safe space where we can look to each other to champion our goals and create. Whether it’s a feeling, a thought, a concept or a product, up to 3 members can take to the floor and pitch to then invite the community to collaborate and make for change. Have an idea? Register now to share yours at an upcoming event. 


Inspired FireSide

Join us and get real intimate and cosy with our special guests. Each of our chosen guests want to share their ideas, knowledge and experience with you. One of the team members will be diving deep into their journey and career within the sex positive industry. 

As we tackle taboos around female sexuality head on, these interviews will unfurl personal struggles, prejudices faced, and what they have done to overcome those hurdles. Here we will collectively gain a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be fierce, inspiring our own journeys.

This event is available to all paying members. First timers are welcome to receive a free guest pass. Thereafter a membership is required. 


Share Your Self

Putting the spotlight on sexuality, relationships, body positivity, we welcome you, women, cis, trans and non-binary members to share and connect at this once a month Share Your Self. 3 guests per night will have 15 mins to recite a poem or perform spoken word, present a story or share an idea.

Listen to the words that are shared, notice the emotions that you feel, admire the power of storytelling that stirs something within you. As a community of educators, writers, poets, activists, founders, whoever you are, we invite you to connect on a deeper level. With the warmth and support from the community here we will celebrate each other’s journey and ideas.  

Want to have your voice heard? Just register and we will be in contact with a date. You can be solo or in a group.


Current events



Speak, listen, debate and learn: our monthly sex-positive Scarlet Conversations tackle the tough topics and burning issues that affect every sexual woman in the world today. Each month, our Team Scarlet panel – the brilliant minds behind the Scarlet Ladies community – are joined by a special guest speaker to focus on a different topic and talk it out.


This is sex education like you never had it before: our straight-talking ‘How-To’ sessions take a head-on approach to all the questions you never dared ask at school! Expect eye-opening insights from London’s best sex educators: at our members-only workshops, you’ll discover a world of tips, tricks and skills guaranteed to transform your world in the bedroom (and beyond …)


We all know that it’s good to talk. But when it comes to sex and sexuality – especially when it comes to personal experiences, troubles or concerns – it can feel very difficult to find anyone to talk to. If you have something that you struggle to speak about yet need to address, then Scarlet Circle, our private, members-only coaching sessions may be exactly what you need.

Off the Record

Relax, chill out, and be inspired in the company of your sisters. Discover new places and new sides to yourself that you had forgotten were there: find answers to the questions you never dared ask; push your boundaries or just have some fun: whatever happens off the record, stays off the record! Get ready to experience the best of sex-positive London with our group of likeminded explorers.


Real inspiration from women: our speakers join us to change attitudes and change lives by challenging prejudices around female sexuality head-on. Our speakers inspire and educate, by sharing ideas, knowledge and experience on topics relating to female sexuality. 

If you have not yet booked our upcoming Scarlet Ladies Uncovered make sure you do [Here] as we are announcing changes and the new name. 

Next week we announce our Directory for female owned sex positive businesses from our community.





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