Making Space for ‘You’ in Relationships & Sex – Expert Advice

Expert insight: there’s no doubt about it: relationships are tough. The constant give and take, push and pull: the struggle to make space for others in your life, without losing sight of ‘you’ and your needs. For so many of us, our ability to truly connect in a healthy, intimate and satisfying relationship, here and now, is further inhibited by the experience of past trauma: physical or emotional; remembered or repressed. Psychosexual Somatic Therapist Emma K Harper is passionate about helping individuals to overcome these barriers in order to strike the elusive balance between self-regulated independence, and the ability to make deep and intimate connections. In the first part of her two-part Summer School module, she explores some of the issues that prevent us from staying fully connected to ourselves in our relationships, and how we can turn this around. Learn how to unlock your capacity for love and discover the keys to sexual satisfaction, without losing touch with ‘you’.

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