Behind the story: Making Space for ‘You’ in Relationships & Sex

How can you commit to a relationship, whilst remaining fully committed to ‘you’? How do you navigate the tough questions of selfhood and partnership?

Psychosexual Coach Aoife Drury has helped hundreds of individuals and couples to harness the power of words to create fulfilling sexual relationships: benefit from her expertise and insights exclusively at Making Space for ‘You’ in Relationships & Sexl.

One in three UK women can’t talk sex with her partner. Aoife Drury will share practical tips and advice to help you to break down the barriers and enjoy more fulfilling and empowered sexual experiences than ever before.


What’s Making Space for ‘You’ in Relationships & Sex all about?

Making Space for ‘You’ in Relationships & Sex consists of two online sessions: an Expert Insight talk or lecture from your expert teacher, available later on demand, and a fully facilitated private interactive online workshop: your safe space to Talk it Out as you connect, find support, and share your journey in complete confidence with other likeminded women around the world.

Expert insight

Date: 23rd July 2019 @ 7.30pm

There’s no doubt about it: relationships are tough. The constant give and take, push and pull: the struggle to make space for others in your life, without losing sight of ‘you’ and your needs. Psychosexual coach Aoife Drury has vast experience of working with individuals and couples, developing and nurturing genuinely healthy relationships based in respect, positivity and empowerment. In the first part of her two-part Summer School module, she shares insights and wisdom for anyone who struggles to reconcile the age-old relationship paradox of connection and independence; selfhood and partnership; finding space to flourish both individually, and together.

Available on Scarlet TV – FREE for All Scarlet Ladies members

Talk it out

Date: 30th July 2019 @ 7.30pm

Our 2018 ‘Talk Sex Change Lives’ survey revealed that one in three women can’t talk sex with her partner(s). Yet the ability to communicate freely and openly about our sexual experience and desires is not only a vital part of who we are: it’s also a vital ingredient for a happy and fulfilled sex life. Following up from her relationship insights, in this workshop, Aoife Drury will share tips and tactics to help you to flourish in your sexual relationships by opening up. She will help you to find the words and confidence to share experience and connect with your partner, empowering you to express, effectively and confidently, all the aspects of sex that matter most to you: from desire to fantasy; from pleasure to intimacy and consent.

Part of the Summer School programme. Read more here

Who is Aoife Drury

Aoife is an accredited Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist with extensive background in psychiatry. Aoife  works with both individuals and couples and the issues they present so that they may become comfortable in their relationship, sexuality and exploring what is meaningful for them. Aoife is LGBTQ+ and KINK Aware and committed to creating a therapeutic environment where people of all backgrounds and gender-identities feel safe and supported.

You can find Aoife on Twitter: @drurysextherapy or Insta:@drurytherapy

How to join Making Space for ‘You’ in Relationships & Sex

This programme is exclusively for Scarlet Ladies members. The Expert Insight is part of Scarlet TV, which is FREE for ALL Scarlet Ladies members. Talk it out is FREE for London members and £20 for Online members. Online members can save 50% by purchasing the complete Summer School programme for only £80. Once registered you will receive your link via email 24hrs prior to the Talk. For the members who would like to watch Expert Insight on demand members, visit their members area 24hrs after the event. 

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