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We all know that it’s good to talk. But when it comes to sex and sexuality – especially when it comes to personal experiences, troubles or concerns – it can feel very difficult to find anyone to talk to. If you have something that you struggle to speak about yet need to address, then Scarlet Circle, our private, members-only women’s coaching sessions may be exactly what you need.

Based on the format of a traditional coaching circle and facilitated by Scarlet Ladies co-founder Sarah, a qualified Personal Transformation Coach, Scarlet Circle sessions create a safe space where you can speak freely, share concerns, find answers or simply soak up the wisdom of the room. There is no hot seat and no one is put on the spot: if you don’t want or need to talk, you’re welcome to come along to listen and support other women through their journeys.

Small and intimate, each monthly Scarlet Circle session is available exclusively to members, with opportunities for up to 4 ladies to seek support from the group each month and a further 6 to attend each session. Expect honest feedback; brainstorming, cheerleading and much-needed truth-telling. We suggest that you join us for a minimum of two consecutive monthly sessions, so that we can support each other with the best possible mutual understanding and advice.

“An awareness of Scarlet Ladies increased until I booked & attended one of their events in September 2017.  Instantly I had a feeling of belonging, acceptance & excitement that there are other women like me. I subscribed for a year & am now in my second year, making use of the global membership, given I live outside London.  I’ve met many interesting women, attended events with other Scarlet Ladies & feel supported in exploring my sexuality. It’s a refreshing atmosphere. Many thanks, Scarlet Ladies Team!’”- Sarah Jane, Scarlet Ladies member

We caught up with Sarah to tell us why the Circle is a great addition to Scarlet Ladies range of events.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a qualified personal transformation coach and ex co-founder of Scarlet Ladies / experience of working with women.

How did you get to doing this role?

I came from the corporate world where I have worked as a project manager on multi million £ international projects but felt empty, overworked and lacking purpose.

You are hosting a Scarlet Circle. Why did you decide to do this event?

I love to coach and playing a part in the transformation effects it has in people’s lives.

What was your inspiration behind the event?

Jannette’s wrath if I didn’t do it… 😉 Coaching in a women’s circle is one of the warmest, most supportive and loving experiences I have had. It’s everything coaching should be and so I am excited to be back for it.

Can you give us a sneak peak into what to expect at this event?

Open and honest conversation, problem solving and inspiring one another.

What would you like women to get out of this event?

Whether you want to talk about a problem or simply be there to support someone else, I am sure you will take something away from it. In fact, sometimes it’s in the advice we have for others that we realise we told them what we needed to hear.

Finally, your one piece of advice for women on their sexuality?

What would you do if you knew nobody would ever find out? If you could think of something you are not doing but may like to, that’s shame rearing its ugly head. Get together in a group of women and let’s talk it though. You’d be surprised by what you discover.

Need more convincing? Here is what our members have to say about the Scarlet Circle. You can read more on our What’s it like page[HERE]

“I’ve been a member of Scarlet Ladies now for almost a year.  I find it to be a very warm, welcoming, safe environment. It attracts wonderful women who are keen to explore different angles and areas of sex in an open respectful way.  I find it very empowering due to the taboo nature of sex in our society today. The guest speakers are very varied and very experienced and knowledgeable in their respective areas.  The Scarlet Circle is a welcome addition too because when women come together in a circle we can help and support and witness each other and the circles are always handled professionally.  Scarlet Ladies is also a great social outlet and a friendly fun place too. ” – Mary T, Scarlet Ladies Member


“When I arrived on the night, I was the first and I still didn’t know what to expect. I knew there would be other people, and that we would be sharing our issues and having an open conversation. Sarah let me know that two other women were supposed to come and we had a pleasant conversation while we waited. When everyone arrived, she explained the format of the evening and I found it extremely interesting: in turn, if we felt up for it, we could go sit on a chair facing the rest of the group and talk through our issue. Then the group was allowed to ask questions to us, but not open a conversation. After a couple of minutes, we would turn around, and the rest of the group would talk through the issue as if we weren’t in the room. This may sound scary, but honestly it felt like having the chance to eavesdrop comfortably on a group of well-meaning friends talking about me. It made me feel understood, comforted and safe.

“I went back for every other Circle event that year, and when I could I brought a friend with me. What we shared at the Circle helped make it one of the most meaningful friendships I still have. A year later, I know this was a fundamental turning point for me in releasing tension about discussing sexual topics, and I can’t be made to feel awkward or inadequate anymore.” – Benny, Scarlet Ladies member

Join us at the next Circle. Apply to be a Scarlet Ladies member [HERE]

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