June Events; Burlesque, massage and A Pub quiz

We have another jam- packed month of events as we welcome our summer Scarlet program. From Burlesque workshop with Jessicats to our members only coaching session. We host our first ever Pub Quiz, giving away prizes all night. We will laugh, learn and win all night.  Jessica Parker returns for the 5th event in our Who I am series, Pleasure without Pressure: The Art of Intimate Massage.

Scarlet Ladies Pub Quiz

Ladies, be warned: this is NOT your average pub quiz. This is a Scarlet Ladies pub quiz: get ready for an evening of straight-talking, female-focused, sex-positive, chilled-out fun, where you’ll laugh, share and learn along the way. In true Scarlet style, we have come up with a script of no-holds-barred questions you’ll never hear asked at the local pub. Ranging from Gender to Kink and BDSM, Pleasure to Society, History to Feminism, our categories are designed to test every aspect of your not-so-general-knowledge – and whatever rocks your boat you’ll find your chance to shine. So grab your friends – you can enter in teams of up to 4 – and get ready to laugh, learn, and win at our first ever quiz night social. Book Here

FIERCE Skills with Jessicats: Burlesque for Body Confidence

Ever thought you don’t have the body (or the confidence) for burlesque? Think again. Join us for a practical, beginners workshop in burlesque where you’ll discover moves that celebrate all your favourite parts of your body to create a routine that makes you look and feel just fabulous. Book Here

Who I Am with Jessica Parker: Pleasure without Pressure: The Art of Intimate Massage

The experience of touching or being touched on our genitals is usually linked to one of two possible intentions: stimulation; or examination. In this fifth workshop in the Who I Am series, Jessica reveals how embracing the intention of massage can change your touch, opening your mind and vulva to a world of relaxation and pleasure. Through massage, we can experience sensation without pressure, free from the complications of the need to ‘perform’ or the pursuit of orgasm.

Learn a whole variety of different massage strokes and touches that you’ll be eager to try at home! Book Here

Scarlet Circle with Sarah Beilfuss

We all know that it’s good to talk. But when it comes to sex and sexuality – especially when it comes to personal experiences, troubles or concerns – it can feel very difficult to find anyone to talk to. If you have something that you struggle to speak about yet need to address, then Scarlet Circle, our private, members-only women’s coaching sessions may be exactly what you need.

Based on the format of a traditional coaching circle and facilitated by Scarlet Ladies co-founder Sarah, a qualified Personal Transformation Coach, Scarlet Circle sessions create a safe space where you can speak freely, share concerns, find answers or simply soak up the wisdom of the room. There is no hot seat and no one is put on the spot: if you don’t want or need to talk, you’re welcome to come along to listen and support other women through their journeys.

Apply to become a Scarlet Ladies member  [HERE].

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