Uncovered: March events… Full body orgasms to Self-pleasure healing

March has come to an end which means 1 thing… it’s spring! Spring is the time where everything turns from dull to pretty. It’s also the time of year where people start to feel motivated for change, there’s just something about the fresher days and lighter evenings that motivates us to reach for our goals. At Scarlet Ladies, it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, we’re always here to motivate you and last month was no exception. Find out what you missed below.

Scarlet Social: Being Body positive in the Bedroom

We kicked off March with our Social, hosted by Scarlet ladies very own founder, Jannette Davies! Scarlet Social is London’s most exclusive girls’ night out for sex-positive women. Our conversations are chilled-out, easy-going and confidential, so you can ask for advice, share experiences, or just relax with a drink or two and enjoy the company of some amazing women. If this sounds like something you want to be part of RSVP for our May Social here for FREE

At Home with Africa Brooke: The Healing Power of Pleasure

Next up on Tuesday 12th March, the wonderful Africa Brooke returned to Scarlet Home, 23 Paul Street. Africa is on a mission to get the world thinking about holistic self-development, identity, mental health, sobriety, and sexuality. Africa invited the ladies to hear her story and discover how the ladies can use self-pleasure to heal just as she did.  Africa brought in books, mirrors to share how she overcame Vulva shame and body shame. Thereafter, Africa opened the floor for guests and members to share their opinions and ask questions about pleasure, shame and much more.

FIERCE Skills with Jade Lotus: Unlock the Mysteries of the Female Orgasm

For our FIERCE Skills Workshop this March, Jade Lotus bodyworker, Tantra Educator and Taoist Teacher, took the floor to explain how orgasms can originate not only in the sex organs but in any part of the body. Jade also touched on why women might not be experiencing orgasms and offered tips and techniques on how to overcome this. So, what is an orgasm?

“Orgasm is defined as a series of rhythmic contractions or pulsations and vibrations in the vagina.  I would add to this that orgasm is about a build-up of energy that suddenly starts to move, causing vibrations and involuntary contractions.”

There are 3 types of orgasm:

  1. The first is called a clitoral orgasm because it is generally brought on by clitoral stimulation.  It is characterised by contractions and vibrations in the vagina entrance.
  2. The Second is a G-Spot Orgasm, which generally occurs from stimulation of the G-Spot.  It is characterised by much deeper contractions from deep within the vagina, which can be so deep that they can push anything out of the vagina and also cause female ejaculation or squirting.
  3. The third is a cervical orgasm, which is when the cervix starts to vibrate and move or contract.

Jade was a fantastic host and offered the ladies a lot of advice. There was a really big Q&A session at the vent which left all the women feeling inspired and motivated. Here is our favourite tip from the night.

Deer exercise technique:

Sit with your legs crossed and your heal over the entrance of your Yoni (to prevent energy leaking out, you can use a pillow or ball instead of your foot). The massage also serves to clear the lymph in the breast area and prevent tumours. start by generally massaging and feel into your breasts as the hormones are released.. Rub the hands together and use oil. Use the three middle fingers to massage in circles around the nipple, avoiding touching the nipple. Go up the middle and out to disperse energy (make breasts smaller and more firm, eliminate lumps) and up the outside, in and down to condense and enlarge the breasts. Repeat in series of 36, up to 360 rotations.

Follow this by massaging the ovaries in both directions 36 times. This continues to release hormones into the body. Follow this with circular massaging over the outer labia of the yoni, 81 times in each direction. This is a reflex zone and activating this area both releases hormones and has a healing effect on the 12 organs. This releases an incredible amount of energy into the body. Sometimes this feels orgasmic, sometimes different. The body is releasing what it needs to in order to heal.

To further promote the flow of energy in the body, do the following breathing exercise. Start sitting on a chair, legs shoulder width apart, palms on the knees, feet flat on the floor and spine straight, creating an optimum structure for the flow of energy. Start by stimulating the medulla oblongate (the dip at the top of the neck below the skull) with 36 pushing motions with your middle fingers. Then put your hands on your lap, fingers folded around your thumb to stop energy escaping. Inhale through the nose for seven seconds, tightening the pelvic floor firmly as you do so. Retain the breath for seven seconds, keeping the pelvic floor contracted. This balances the yin and yang forces in your body. Exhale through the mouth for seven seconds, gradually releasing the pelvic floor. This has a thoroughly detoxifying effect on the body.

Members you can download The Art of Female Orgams eBook via your account page HERE.

Scarlet Circle Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

On Tuesday 26th March Dr Lori Beth Bisbey returned for our monthly members’ exclusive Scarlet Circle coaching session. We all know that it’s good to talk. But when it comes to sex and sexuality it can feel difficult to find anyone to talk to without the fear of being judged. Our Scarlet Circle sessions are created in a safe space where you can speak freely, share concerns, find answers or simply soak up the wisdom of the room. There is no hot seat and no one is put on the spot: if you don’t want or need to talk, you’re welcome to come along to listen and support other women through their journeys.

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