Role play without feeling silly

Remember when you were a child and used to play ‘let’s pretend’?  You never worried about what others thought of you. You were happy to play with friends and were happiest when you were laughing.   Playing ‘let’s pretend’ allowed you to try on a host of different personalities. It was exciting as well as lots of fun.

Surprise is one of the keys to excitement.  When you get to know someone too well, surprise becomes difficult.  The loss of that mystery factor can lead to routine and sometimes even boring intimate encounters.  

Role play is one of the best ways to add mystery back into your sexual life.  While pretending to be someone else and/or enacting a scene, you can bring to life a fantasy.  Sometimes you can bring to life other sides of yourself or your partner. Role play offers you both the opportunity to explore each other in new ways. It also offers you the chance to explore the hidden parts of yourself.

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