February events roundup… Pleasure practices, Dating advice, Creativity & more!

How are we already about to start the third month of 2019?! Where does the time go! 2019 has got off to a fantastic start for Scarlet Ladies, and as usual, there have been some pretty awesome events. If you suffer from FOMO we don’t blame you! So what did you miss this month?

Who I Am Jessica Parker: Own Your Pleasure

On Tuesday 5th February Sexological Bodyworker Jessica Parker hosted our second workshop in the Who I Am series. As always Jessica was fantastic, she discussed how the ladies could experience true pleasure potential, either alone or with others. Jessica wanted the ladies to embrace themselves and leave the event with lots of practical ideas about enhancing their pleasure potential.

After the event, we caught up with Jessica to get some tips and advice for our online community. Jessica suggests the following to help you set up a self-pleasure practice that makes you feel good!

Take time to go through these questions to help you define what it is YOU want to explore and how you want to go about it within your own context and daily life. Ask yourself:

  • What does pleasure look like?  Is it masturbation? Orgasmic yoga? or maybe Erotic dancing in front of a mirror?
  • How important is it as a daily practice?
  • How do you want to incorporate it into your life? 
  • When is a realistic and achievable time you can do this? After breakfast? Before bed?
  • Do you need to take out some elements of your day, e.g. social media scrolling in order to fit 20 – 30mins practice in?
  • What would you like to incorporate? – anal massage? Sex toys? Temperature play?
  • What would you not be ready to include?
  • What are you curious about but have never tried?
  • And finally, what will you need to support you through the practice?

Maybe it’s a sensual playlist or the support of a friend or professional to check in with. Or perhaps some scented candles?  When you’ve answered all the questions analyse the outcome and put your new self-pleasure practice into action!

Scarlet Circle With Hayley Quinn

On Tuesday 12th February In an intimate setting at Scarlet Home Dating & Relationships expert, Hayley Quinn joined us to talk dating during the valentines week. Hayley shared her thoughts on the different types of messaging in the dating world between men and women and how that affects our relationships. Hayley encouraged the ladies to share their thoughts and ask personal questions.

Challenges were made on approaching someone you are interested in, being more sociable, flirting without expectations and dealing with rejection. Here are our favourite tips from dating expert Hayley Quinn;

Tip 1: Be Visible

If they do not visibly see you, you prevent them from having the chance to start the conversation. Visibility means…

  • Don’t just run over to your friend when you walk into a party.
  • Don’t hide behind a newspaper.
  • It means if they look at you, return their gaze and smile.
  • When you enter a room, walk around it.
  • When you’re at a bar, turn your bar stool at an angle to face out.

Tip 2: break the ice

  • Ask them a question this is nice and safe, but not all that sexy
  • Make an observation – This is very slick but it requires some thought
  • Be direct – This is high risk, high reward as pick up artists would say

Scarlet Social: The Impact Porn Has on Our Bedroom Behavior

On Tuesday 19th we hosted our first social of the year, and it was a remarkable evening. 15+ ladies came to Scarlet Home to unwind and discuss the impact that porn has on our bedroom behavior. The Cherry Revolution’s Africa Brooke hosted the event, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Africa got the ladies to get comfy, shoes off, feet up sort of comfy and she shared her personal experience of porn that she had encountered from a young age which was coupled with a very funny “women in black” story! There was plenty of laughter throughout the evening, and everyone left with smile. Our Scarlet Social is Londons most exclusive Ladies night out and is not be missed!

Fierce Skills With Zachi Brewster: Sexuality, Sensuality & Creativity

On Tuesday 26th February Travelling Doula Zachi Brewster took the ladies on a journey to discover the heart of their of their sexuality. The workshop included Breathing and Visualization exercises, writing exercises and Zachi offered the ladies lots of tips on how they can build a deeper connection to their womb space for sensuality & creativity. After the event we caught up with Zachi so we could get you some top tips:

  • Breathe deep! In through your nose, down into your lungs, past your stomach and right into your womb space. Feel your womb and vagina soften and relax and release any tightness or fear you are holding on to. You can also incorporate colours into this, and imagine you are breathing in a vibrant
  • Move your womb – whether it’s a wiggle in your bedroom to some music or belly dancing (great for increasing your sensuality and sexuality) – Youtube and a mirror are all you need!
  • Write your womb a love letter on the first day of your period or the first of each month, setting out your love for yourself and your aspirations, the seeds you want to plant and the energies you want to release.

February was a hot month for us at Scarlet Ladies so if you’ve still got FOMO do not miss another month of events. Interested in being a member? Book your 1st FREE event next month or Start your 1-month FREE trial as an Online member now.

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